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  1. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing! -O
  2. Curt, for what it's worth, that article and photos were published in early 2021. Here's a link to my photo of the same jet taken in November, 9 months later. The colors' fading is definitely obvious. Cheers, -O
  3. Part 2: 195th AHC in SEA camo, zapped by the USAF's 20th SOS I know they're not the most recent and accurate wonder kit, but they still look like Hueys...and that's good enough for me. Thanks for looking! Comments, questions and criticisms are welcome. Happy modelling! -O
  4. Here's another pair that I built for my personal theme for 2023, "Pairs." These are Esci Hueys built mostly OOB with Werner's Wings decals. The only changes I made to the kits are to change one of the Hueys to a "true" -D by scratching a pitot for the nose. I also added some paper seatbelts and used some styrene to add inertia reel boxes to the backs of the pilots' seats. Some various antennas were sourced from the spares box and other kits. I used some PE "loops" that I found in the spares to make rotor tie down points on the blades, then I used some shaped wire, a random PE buckle, and some
  5. Thanks for the pats on the back, ARC! Cheers, -O
  6. Part 2... Comments, questions and criticisms are welcome. Thanks for looking! Cheers, -O
  7. CAUTION: PICTURE HEAVY Hello rotor fans, here are 2 little Kiowas that I built to fit my theme for 2023, "Pairs." Both were built (mostly) OOB with some minor additions used to repair some broken or missing parts. Speaking of missing and/or broken parts, I didn't add the curved antennas attached to the fuselage sides behind the crew doors. Those were broken beyond repair. And even if I could get them repaired, their assembly would've been dicey, at best. Also, I didn't notice the stinger's tip on the OD airframe was broken until I was taking the photos. AK Real Color, MM and Testor
  8. Pretty sharp. That Revellogram Tomcat still builds up nicely. Well done! -O
  9. Hey ARC, This is AMP's boxing of a Vietnam era Loach. The boxing included extra parts, PE and decals to model Miss Clawd IV. I was able to pick up this kit cheap at a swap meet, and I was initially excited about building it up. This kit was originally started during the pandemic, but it quickly got relegated to the Shelf of Doom. This kit was a P.I.G. While concurrently building a Minicraft OH-6 variant, it became clear to me that AMP's boxing was a copy of someone else's plastic. This kit was not fun to build. The plastic was greasy and textured with bits and blobs on
  10. Love me a Jug with some checks on its nose. Looking forward to seeing more progress. Cheers! -O
  11. I like that. It's sharp! I have the Hasegawa -64D in 1/48 that is calling me from the stash. Yours provides some nice inspiration! -O
  12. Howdy ARCers, I present to you my 2nd completion of 2023 and my first of 2 OH-6s that I'm building for my 2023 theme of "Pairs". I've always wanted to build a 20th SOS UH-1N, but I have been intimidated by the Leopard camo scheme I want to do. I always thought the scheme was beyond my airbrushing skill. So, I figured this little build would be good practice to see if I can pull it off before I tried it on the Huey. I have to say, I'm rather pleased with the way it turned out. This is Academy's MH-6 "Stealth Helicopter" boxing built up as a 20th SOS WIF. I swapped the s
  13. First of all, thanks for looking. I appreciate your compliments, ARC. For the clear coat(s), I used Tamiya X-22 pre- and post-decals, then sealed everything with a final coat of Testors Dullcote lacquer. Hope this helps! Cheers, -O
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