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  1. ridinshotgun

    Gator Grip Acrylic Glue

    I just corresponded with him via the yahoo address above just a few days ago.
  2. ridinshotgun

    1/48 Kinetic Prowlers for VMAQ-2 - Five of 27!

    Holy cow they are looking good!
  3. ridinshotgun

    Mission Models

    I would think you would use the same for both since the impurities they are concerned about would still be in any residual tap water you might use for cleaning that may remain in the airbrush. Besides I don't think you would want to have another bottle with regular water taking up space. I keep an industrial spray bottle of distilled on my bench for cleaning between acrylics for which I can use water. MMP has some nice videos on YouTube detailing how to use their paints and tips for use. MMP YouTube
  4. ridinshotgun

    Mission Models

    MMP says right on their site that you can thin or reduce it with distilled water.
  5. ridinshotgun

    CD72078 - 1/72 Postwar PB4Y-2 Privateer

    Any chance to get some wartime birds on the sheet since the old kit decals are almost unusable and there are no obtainable aftermarket decals? Especially since Lonestar is producing the cobra conversion set again.
  6. ridinshotgun

    1/100 MG rgm-89

    Sent you a PM on the Jug.
  7. If no one has one then Lonestar, who acquired all of Cobra's masters, sold the 144th stuff to blackbird models in the UK. This was posted on Lonestar's Facebook page back in December: This is their website: Blackbird Models Might reach out to them to see what their plans are.
  8. ridinshotgun

    1/48 M-31 Cluster Bomb

    Thanks. I already have a data file with all the dimensions but was hoping someone had them ready made.
  9. ridinshotgun

    1/48 M-31 Cluster Bomb

    So is there anyone that makes a M-31 Cluster Bomb in 1/48? I know Astra makes it in 1/32 but I am looking for some to arm a B-26K. I have looked and had no luck.
  10. ridinshotgun

    Merry Christmas to all ARC'ers!

    Beat by an hour! But here is the real thing! Merry Christmas all!
  11. ridinshotgun

    The 2018 ARC Holiday Raffle!

    Thanks to everyone for the kits and CorsairMan for running it!
  12. ridinshotgun

    The 2018 ARC Holiday Raffle PRIZE LIST

    I'll take #5 please!
  13. ridinshotgun

    The 2018 ARC Holiday Raffle!

    I'll join in but my stash isn't big enough to root through to put anything up. 😥
  14. ridinshotgun

    Cobra Company sets

    https://www.lonestarmodels.com/store Here is the H-43 set: https://www.lonestarmodels.com/store/p_109341/lsmcc-32004-h-43-huskie-interior-set
  15. ridinshotgun

    Cobra Company sets

    Great news! I am needing one of the UH-1B sets for an aussie build.