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  1. Well I did a little more digging on that product number and on a nail polish blog (and they call modelers crazy) they referenced that 212 product number to the chameleon line of holographic polishes and low and behold I think I found it under their Nee Jolie line listed here and under color NJ-001: https://www.bornprettystore.com/jolie-35ml-chameleon-nail-polish-gold-purple-flake-nail-varnish-black-base-needed-p-46334.html
  2. I still don't see a gold in that line. What they have that is closest is a brown but I don't think it's a match to the real canopy color. I can't locate any true gold colors that they have that are the holographic line like was originally used. Too bad since it was a damn good match.
  3. Any idea on the color name? I ran that number for that brand of polish and it doesn't come up. Or a link to the original listing?
  4. Careful! You'll be accused of being a rival model company and personal insults will follow! Can't wait to see your thoughts and judgement!
  5. Yes after I was able to see it quoted in an email notification posted by someone else and it worked! Thanks. Other wise no I couldn't see your fix. Still an issue with the software, probably changing some kind of preference, since I know I didn't change anything and I am pretty sure the rest of the people that are having the same issue probably didn't change anything.
  6. It has to be the forum software again. Firefox started looking all goofy earlier today so I switched to Edge and it ran fine for a few hours but now it is appearing all wonky in that too. Took me 10 minutes just to figure out where the posting box was located.
  7. Hopefully the poster that posted the pictures with the tape overlays on the hips repost. That was an informative post.
  8. Considering that the consumer lines portfolio which testors is part of accounts for about 30% of their profits, and that line also carries the rustoleum, DAP and few other big name brands available at the big box stores, I would say that model paints are an infinitesimal amount compared to the other flagship brands. I guess they just wanted to take out competitors but only spurred on more. Not all great as the old brands but there seems to be as many of not more choice. Wonder what their bean counters think now?
  9. I hit them up the morning after they announced the paint coming and by then they had already been cleaned out of some colors like ww2 interior green. A color I have been trying to pick up for a while now and it is always out of stock.. I swear that someone is drinking it.
  10. I have no problems with Hobby World good service and responsive to emails. I just wish any distributor of the paint could keep it in stock. I see that Sprue has already been hit by the paint hoarders. The good thing with sprue is that they have email notification that things are back in stock, Maybe some day I will be finally able to get some MRP interior green. 😞
  11. Raymond can you advise what the stock status "Stock offer from e-supply shippable in 30 days, 6 pcs in stock" means? I placed an order for several items that all showed in stock at the time of purchase but now this shows up as the stock status of one of the items. Thanks!
  12. Same problem for me. Maybe it is the same thing we experienced a few weeks ago and was due to the ISP's some people were using? Seemed to be an ATT problem.
  13. So to bring this back to the top are these places till open? I will be in town for a week or two and had thought about checking out the local model stores.
  14. If no one on the board has it these guys over in the UK have it. Have ordered from them on several occasions and everything was great. https://www.fantasyprintshop.co.uk/shop/wolfpak-72-055-beeps-and-squeeks/
  15. No it got stopped. It made it through 3 IP's before it got stopped.
  16. Just sent the trace results I got you.
  17. I have tried it on xfinity (comcast), at&t and verizon and a couple of locations that I don't know who the ISP was but I think one was COX. I checked again today and verizon works now, both on the phone and laptop. But still no dice on AT&T or Xfinity. Over on another board someone said that BM had blacklisted their Verizon ISP a while back due to some security concerns but they got it working again after a lot of work from the owner of BM. Based on that historyI have a sneaking suspicion the same kind of thing happened after the server work last month and some ISP are now blacklisted.
  18. I also tried to access it with a change in my DNS server and it is a no go. It looks like it is trying to access the website servers and the TLS handshake is getting no response or one it doesn't like. I have a feeling something got wonky when they did the server upgrade a few weeks ago since this problem started happening around the same time.
  19. It has been a problem for some folks for weeks. It seems that people having the problem are in mostly in the US. I have tried four different browsers (brave, IE, chrome, firefox) on 3 different devices over several ISP's with no dice. I was able to access it once Friday of last week then back to the can't connect to server message. Not sure what the problem is or even if they are aware of it. Most responses from people is that is a user issue. It is not.
  20. Bill L. is a great guy to deal with. Quick to respond and quick to ship!
  21. Yeah thanks for that. I'll see about that when it comes out. Like I said over there it would be great to have a sheet with the basic stencils, the variations of the more current national markings and a block of numbers to make custom aircraft numbers.
  22. Nope hadn't seen that. That is also a different bird than the one Belcher had on his sheet for the Gulf War. What would be great is to have the basic stencils and then a block of numbers provided to mark up custom aircraft numbers. Belcher has done it that way on his sheets. Also the variations of the main markings. This pic shows two variations from Shearwater just before retirement:
  23. How did you handle the blades? In looking at the new airfix kit it looked like they have the composite blades but I don't see composite blades on the Canadian aircraft. Did you modify them or use blades from another kit? I do like the looks of the new kit though. Might have to buy one just to do a RN build or two now to do the the RCN build too! That would be a start. Wish they had more numbers but I think I could scab together numbers from other sources. But that website. I can't figure out where the decals are listed and if they are available and my translator app doesn't work too well on that site. Have you used their decals before?
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