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  1. Nice job Jaws, that turned out real nice !! To bad they couldn’t of been at our show last weekend
  2. Is the f-14d package still available. I sent u a private message
  3. Hello, I have for sale these two model kits. The first one js 1/32 trumpeter F8F bearcat with Eduard canopy mask and g factor metal landing gear im asking 60 plus shipping to US only PayPal preferred 1/48 eduard f-86 ultimate Sabre kit with extra resin wheels. I’m asking 55 plus shipping to US only. PayPal preferred
  4. It’s a great show indeed. I’ve been to several and hope to continue to go in the future
  5. I have for sale a 1/48 Great Wall Hobby f-15k kill chain slam eagle limited edition kit. I’m looking to sell this item or trade for a 1/48 Great Wall Hobby su-35 im asking 80 + shipping to US only, PayPal preferred, shipping would be from 43537
  6. Looks great. Beautiful looking su-35
  7. About 9 hours for me, hopefully something a bit closer for 2022
  8. I agree, any of those locations would be great, Especially Detroit or Columbus, needs to come back towards the Great Lakes
  9. I am currently working on a 1/32 Tamiya p-51 Old Crow mustang flown by Bud Anderson. Does anyone know if by late 1944 or early 1945 the invasion strips and eto black bands were removed thanks
  10. Any luck playing around with them burner cans thanks
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