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  1. Stunning job as always Mike, looking forward to seeing what’s next
  2. I have a few that I’m not using. Let me know if you want them
  3. I have for sale a 1/48 p-61b that comes with the updated photo etch and nose weight. I’m asking $60 plus shipping from 43537 Either comment or send me a pm if interested. PayPal preferred, I’d like to keep this is the US Jeff
  4. Looks great buddy. I might have to try that technique sometime
  5. I second k colors. They spray beautifully, they do not to be thinned either. I used them on a p-51 build. I can’t upload any photos because we don’t have a home computer anymore. Here is a link for k colors http://www.hobbyworld-usa.com/Store/index.php?id_category=1554&controller=category They are out of stock of a lot of the colors right now, they go quick
  6. I messaged him. He said he will be trying to contact you
  7. What’s your name and I’ll message the owner and see if I can get a answer for you I’ve never had any real problems with them, usually quick service unless something is out of stock, but that’s never really been a problem either, he would just send it when back in stock
  8. I have For sale a 1/48 Tamiya f-14d with KA models engine nozzle. I’m asking 90 + shipping to US only. PayPal preferred Shipping from 43537
  9. Just as the title reads, would anyone want to trade. I have a 1/32 Tamiya f4u-1d for trade for a 1/32 zoukei-mura ki-45. If anyone would be interested, either comment or send me a pm
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