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  1. Hello all, I am looking for this 1/48 optional part for P-47D. Could you please look in your spares and see if you might have this? This is the optional dorsal fin for 1/48 P-47D. This came with Hasegawa, Tamiya, Revell and many other makes included this in their sprues. Please check the attached photos of the sprue and also where the part sits. Please let me know if you might have one. Many thanks. Alex
  2. Hello guys, Here is my problem and my question. Today, I went to start building my long over due IIAF 1/48 P-47. I had purchased this old Testors P-47 yeas ago. FYI, IIAF received quite a few P-47D's from USAF as military aid in the 50's. Now, unlike all the 1/48 P-47D's, seems like there is a dorsal fin in IIAF Thunderbolts as marked with the red arrow here. Any suggestion what is the best way to tackle this?
  3. Hey Corey, I suggest you print your own decals. You can do magic. There are tutorials online, if you are interested.
  4. Hi guys, I am looking for a 1/48 Hobbycraft CF-100 Mk V. I have a Mk IV already so I am only interested in Mk V. I can either buy or trade. I live in Toronto, Canada. PayPal only. I have these models for trade, if you are interested. My models are either open box/sealed parts or sealed box. 1/32 Revell F-14A 1/48 Academy MiG-29UB 1/48 ESCI Saab JA-37 Viggen
  5. Well said, Don. It is not that known or even popular among modelers but it is very nostalgic. I am planning to build CF-100, CF-101 and CF-104 this winter.
  6. Thank you, Don. I was hoping for a different answer though. You are right. The wing extensions and lack of gun bay in Mk. V are the main differences between the two. I have a Mk. IV myself and was planning to build a Mk. V out of it hoping it has all the parts but guess not.
  7. Hello all, Can anyone please confirm that these two old models by Hobbycraft were in fact the same in the box, but with different box art and decal sheets, one for Mk. IV and the other for Mk. V?
  8. Hello gents, I would appreciate your suggestions regarding this topic. Pavla has a MiG-19 cockpit set. Neomega does too. I am not sure which one to choose. I tried to find some cockpit shots of the A-5C Fantan but not much luck. Any idea?
  9. Guys, This will be my last post in this thread. It is unfortunate to see how your words are misinterpreted and how you are attacked and bullied by some members. To all the helpers, thank you for your support. To all the haters, I will never be bullied or intimidated. If you check my very first post it ends like: "Please PM me if you have one to give away. Thank you." This does not mean, nor does it imply any demand. I simply asked whoever might have one to give away, to PM me. This simply excludes anyone who doesn't have one, or has one but doesn't want to give it away. As simple as that. No need to be mean or lecture on how I should have done this or that. No need to judge or be sarcastic. We all share the same passion of making models here. If you can help a fellow modeler, do so. If you can't or if you are not willing to, then don't. Nothing good comes out of being mean and bitter to another member. If I followed up on this thread after a year, it was only because I thought it fell through the cracks and got forgotten. I was only curious.
  10. WOW...how old are you guys ...12? The lack of understanding and friendship in this thread is appalling. As the old saying says: Silence is the best response to a fool.
  11. If you are being sarcastic, that is cheap. If you really need a free F-14, I have a 1/48 Revell F-14A. If interested, let me know your zip code and I can work out the shipping quote.
  12. Thank you for your reply. I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  13. WOW...that is genius! Take a moment and read my very first post. I was looking for a give away.
  14. Could you please look into your stash and let me know? Please?
  15. I posted this last year and still no answer?!!
  16. It was an old Revell kit but at this point, any manufacturer would do.
  17. Hi guys, I am in deep trouble. I can not locate my painted 1/48 nose gears and nose boom! I am going crazy. They were on my bench a few days ago but now they are gone. I believe my cat must have swollen them! Please let me know ASAP if you might have any to spare. I am located in Toronto. Please help!
  18. I need a 1/48 JA-37 Viggen. Airfix or Tarangus. Trade in Toronto ONLY. I have a few 1/48 MiGs and Sukhoi and other models to trade for it. PM me ASAP. Thanks.
  19. For models with movable wings like F-14 and MiG-23, how do you protect wing roots from scratching paint off each other? I had this issue with my latest build, the F-14 Tomcat. Please advise. Thank you.
  20. Thank you, Joel. The reason I asked if decanting is a good idea is that I had just opened a new rattle can and didn't want to waste it.
  21. Thank you, guys. I guess I should not use Testors lacquer flat clear rattle can anymore. BTW, is it possible to decant it and airbrush it for better control? Has anyone ever done it?
  22. If you are in the US, this will be a great choice for you: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hyper-Tough-3-Gallon-Air-Compressor/54513339
  23. So far, I have used TAMIYA panel line wash on Future glossed model with TAMIYA acrylic paint underneath. The wash itself never damaged the paint but when I clean up the wash with enamel thinner(as recommended by TAMIYA wash bottle) it eats through Future and damages the paint underneath. I am done with Future. Converting to TAMIYA gloss(X-22)
  24. I got lucky on ebay with a $30 gravity airbrush from China with 3 different size tips and needles and it works like a charm for 2 years now.
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