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  1. I now have a range of YF-23 themed gifts for sale via Red Bubble, the proceeds of which will help to keep my YF-23 Enthusiast site running. Please take a moment to have a look and see what you think. :) http://www.redbubble.com/people/yf-23 http://www.yf-23.net
  2. I now have a range of YF-23 themed gifts for sale via Red Bubble, the proceeds of which will help to keep my YF-23 Enthusiast site running. Please take a moment to have a look and see what you think. :) http://www.redbubble.com/people/yf-23 http://www.yf-23.net
  3. G'day, I've just added a new petition for a 1/32 scale YF-23 kit... Please take the time to register your interest: http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/6331/
  4. I think judging by these photos that it was either a deliberate overspray or a case of grey being mislabeled at the factory as tan. There is one pic from airliners.net which shows grey overspray on the olive green portions, it would be interesting to see if all the aircraft shown rotated thru the same base or maintenance location, perhaps a wing commander decided to do an experiment and dispensed with the usual red tape. The grey looks like FAC grey to me (used on AF OV-10 Broncos at the time), maybe they were used for a specific mission which was classified at the time. I have heard that one
  5. This is my opinion of the best most accurate kit producers, in order of best to worst: Wingnut, Tamiya, Eduard, Czechmaster, Hasegawa, MPM, Airfix new tools, Revell, Meng, Dragon, Italeri, Academy, Trumpeter. In terms of decals: Leading Edge, Isradecal, Caracal, Wolfpack, Canuck, then the rest in whatever order you like
  6. I agree with all you've both said, I don't see how a Polish trainer would be so popular, maybe the supporter hacked the site and inflated the poll deliberately, and I agree about Revell's tendency to get the shape wrong and plough the panels. However, polls like this indicate a willingness to respond directly to customer demand, and I think that's good news. I'm convinced that once word of this poll site gets around other companies will watch the results and make product planning decisions accordingly. I'd prefer a Revell tooling than nothing at all, and they can do a better job than Italeri.
  7. Well they have announced a DC-4 in 1/72 which was one of the polls and a kit I've been waiting for. I have had considerable success in the past in lobbying manufacturers using direct mail and petitions, via a site I used to have called 72scale.com. MPM's 1/72 F-86H, Italeri's 1/72 C-27J/G.222, Revell's 1/72 Strv 122, various Sea Furies, and the Caracal YF-23 decals are some examples of this. Even if Revell doesn't make them, other cos will take notice of these petitions and make them.
  8. G'day, for enthusiasts of the YF-23, I have organised some official petitions on the Revell.de site for new scale models to be released. Please take a moment to add your vote to these petitions and pass on the links to others you know who love the YF-23: 1/72 YF-23: http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/6227/ 1/144 YF-23: http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/6257/ 1/72 F-23A: http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/item/6242/ More and more cos are starting to realise that responding to immediate customer feedback is the way to go. Even if Revell doesn't end up producing them, rival companies will be watchin
  9. There is also a new Czech scheme in green and brown camou that would look pretty cool :)
  10. Another suggestion for a 1/72 decal sheet could be the H-60/S-70 Blackhawk series, with markings for the Saudi Land Forces, Malaysia, Austria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Taiwan, Morroco, UAE, etc
  11. In the spirit if your new Brazilian A-4 sheet, another suggestion for a Gripen sheet, especially since a new 1/72 kit is coming from Revell soon. A feature sheet of the Czech 211 Sqn machine seen at the NATO Tiger Meet in 2013. This is a superb scheme, probably the best seen on a Gripen. http://www.gripenblogs.com/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=675
  12. I'd like to make a suggestion for a new 1/72 decal sheet covering the following schemes: Saudi AF E-3 and KE-3, RAF E-3, French E-3 and KC-135, Canadian AF 707, Spanish AF 707, Singaporean and Turkish KC-135s, Iranian IIAF 707, Pakistani AF 707. Please include full data stencilling.
  13. I'd really like to see some good sheets in 1/72 for the C-130 Hercules. This aircraft is extreme popular and used by a huge number if nations, yet the number of existing options for aftermarket decals is relatively small. I would like to see all the options available on the 1/144 Isradecal sheet pantographed up, plus markings for Sweden, Norway, Qatar, Bahrain, Pakistan, Peru, Iran, and Kuwait. Whatever you decide to do, the sheet should include complete stencil data for one aircraft.
  14. I think a Thunderbirds scheme would good, and some foreign ones: Taiwan, Thailand, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea.
  15. Ok, if you are going to do this, please make sure the RAAF version is equal to or better than the Southern Sky decal sheet (more data stencilling would be good). Please also include the Dutch F-35A. Then your sheet will be truly up to date.
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