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  1. I know no one who fired a stinger doesn't mean it didn't happen I know a lot of pilots wanted to fire one me included but I would say most likely we didn't fire one, the G model had provisions to fire a stinger (could carry two on a side) never even saw one mounted (stinger rails and/or stinger), the J model did not have provisions to fire a stinger (most likely cause we didn't need/use them), don't know what provisions are now. I flew the NOTAR I only remember a AH-6N I don't remember a MH-6N maybe same bird configured each way at different times to test each mission type, just b
  2. I updated my comment above please reread, some data comes to mind after a day or two of thought. G model had no designator that I know of and needed a buddy to lase for it, I believe J models could self designate but again I wasn't qualified on the Hellfire birds. Yes several and no GT definitely knows the early C models way better than me, I flew them but I wasn't there at the very beginning.
  3. Trimble 3100 GPS/Loran and TACAN (not the Argus) was moved I had to go back and relook at my quote (I also corrected that quote), I just repeated what was said when answering the question "Did the AH version not have the TACAN? What about the Argus 7000? " my mistake, the Argus did not move. In addition and there always are exceptions in the LB world, I was not qualified on shooting Hellfires (G or J model) so I didn't fly them, only a couple of pilots were when I was flying G/J models, the J model Hellfire birds (i don't remember more than 2 set up this way at the time, could hav
  4. Mh's didn't have mini for Ajar event but single mini added on left side only soon after that, Bob's bird had a mini, the photo of the armed E model was not Bob's, he did use his mini on his bird as I understand/remember with the small boats (middle shoals???) but only he can answer that for sure, it was a long time ago
  5. Trimble 3100 GPS/Loran and TACAN (not the Argus) was moved to top left lower console I can't remember which one was forward of the other but I think it was the Trimble with the TACAN closer to the pilot Yep thats the AMS from an early AH6J setup, the AMS panel goes from switches up to clock.
  6. Just the mini, there is a pic of one of those birds in the back pages, a lot of folks called it an F Model but it is an armed E Model pic taken in prime chance
  7. True, prior to J Models MH's were not wired for weapons, prior to J models when we armed MH's (E's/H's) for AH work we used the F model mini gun mount and rocket pod mount (one gun and one rocket pod) no plank, the wiring was external as in just run in the open in the cargo and cockpit area, when a MH E/H was armed for MH pilots only to use as in Prime Chance they only got the mini gun no rocket pod, wiring for mini gun as stated above
  8. Only the MH's got this 4 blade tail rotor, the AH's did not get this version of the 4 blade tail rotor and I don't believe AH's had any 4 blade tail rotor until after the J models
  9. The "mysterious white cross" if I remember correctly is for airforce transport, they (the airforce) required an aircraft CG marking for upload and transport, so this pic most likely shows them ready for transport just prior to leaving the island, it could be a white chalk mark or white tape (this kind of looked like white tape to me), I would say this not placed where the aircraft CG was but was simply a mark place on the airframe to meet the airforce requirement, no one ever checked that mark for accuracy :)
  10. For the most part PR work was seen as more work on a busy schedule and I didn't know anyone volunteering to do it, however once on site it could be an easy time to rest a little, I wouldn't say I enjoyed it, maybe some did, standing on a flight line display all day wasn't fun and it's amazing some of the questions you get.
  11. Engine air intake, sorry some things I take for granted that they are obvious
  12. The instrument panel in the pic is an MH panel not a AH panel, it would be hard to describe an AH panel without a picture but the AMS would be in the lower left 1/4 of the instrument panel and a gun switch panel would be located on the left side of the lower console (anywhere) in an early J model AH, in a later J model the gun switch panel would be in the lower left of the instrument panel and a CDU with weapon pages would be located on the lower console usually under forward pilot's collective but could be anywhere on the lower console (rare but it happens), you need pics of an AH instrument
  13. Left to Right 1. SCAV Air Switch 2. Pitot Heat Switch 3. Start Pump Switch 4. Reignite Test /Armed Switch (this means reignite is armed not a weapon) 5. Aux Power Switch 6. Anti Ice Switch 7. 4 Position Fuel Switch 8. Battery / External Power Switch 9. Gen Switch 10. Inverter Switch 11. Attitude Indicator Switch 12. Master Radio Switch (turns #2 electrical bus on) 13. LASER / Clock / VAW Switch 14. Position light Power Switch 15. Covert / Norm Switch above that is the Anticollision Top / Bottom Switch
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