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  1. I live in Australia but frequent Japan on trips. No way? What is no way? For me to pre order the AMK kit from Hobbyeasy to get two kits was 55.00USD per kit. Sincerehobby was even more expensive for shipping at 68USD the supposed official pre order shop. To ship them was for both was 54 so 164USD for two kits which converted is 230AUD or 250 AUD from the official source. Feel free to check the numbers on Hobbyeasy and Sincere hobby. So 115(125sincere)per kit for AMK shipped vs 130 for Tamiya shipped. So a 15% or 5% difference in price is hardly a huge difference by any stretch. Now Sprue borthers charge 91/99 for the Tamiya F14A/D the difference is larger. However who is to say Tamiya wont drop there price when Amk hits the shops, well whatever limited shops they can get them to as they have no distribution network. In Japan the F-14D is 6400 on the street before your Visa card discount of 10% so 5700 Yen call it 52US which is in my dollars around 80 so call it 35 bucks cheaper to buy Tamiya than an Amk kit. Again no distribution in Japan so mail order is the only way until the kit hits the limited few shops they can get them into. Amk have no preorder available inside our country which again based off there lack of distribution network is no surprise. In short because they have no preorder except via mail and no distributor the price is far closer outside the US than in and drawing conclusions that the Amk kit is way cheaper is simply wrong based off the USA pricing. Its a big world. Would you pay 15% more or 3% from official distributor for an accurate F-14 as opposed to a nice kit which is not?
  2. No im buying kits on the street in Japan. Americans have a fascination in basing a kits price off what they pay then assume the entire world is the same. Sorry to my American friends but the axis of our planet does not run through Washington DC. Hence drawing conclusions about kits success etc based off what they pay is as fraught with error as me saying everyone xan buy Tamiya kits for 5200Yen ie 45-50USD so AMK stand no chance.
  3. Well for anyone outside the USA the reverse may be true. I can buy and have bought over 10 Tamiya F-14’s in Japan for an average price of 5400Yen. The AMK kit is pre ordering for 6300 Yen after starting a lot higher so 10USD more expensive trying to encourage sales. AMK will be losing money big time given the Mig-31 in Japan is 9800 Yen. To pre order an AMK kit to my home address was around 90USD so hugely more expensive and almost identical price to Tamiya. Price has and always will regional so any conclusions drawn based off the highly favoured US market is on thin ice to start with.
  4. You may want to seriously relook at whatever lead you to that conclusion. The upper spine on the Monogram kit is horrendously out of shape. The 105 had a significant Omega shape to not only its canopy but also the windscreen and Hobbyboss even though itself not correct is a better shaped spine which directly leads to the canopy shape. Ive spent as much time as i can be bothered on comparing both these kits to reality and the HB kit while certainly not perfect is to me better shaped. Both have issues, both if built OOB end up looking like Thuds but we seriously need someone to do a new F-105 with a slide molded canopy and windscreen to get the shape right. This directly impacts the entire upper fuselage. The HB kit has more curve on the canopy and a better sized windscreen meaning not only is the Monogram kits nose out but its entire upper fuse/canopy/windscreen is out as well. HB is a bit better with more vertical sides, its nose is more accurate and so is its spine but really both need work if you want to get a great looking 105. That omega plays a huge part in the look of the Thud as in influences the entire fuselage but that canopy/windshield is missing from every kit released in 48th. I took this at Pima a few years ago it shows it clearly. Neither is great but HB shape wise is better. Im no fn of the heavy panel lines and rivet work though.. we really need a good F-105...
  5. Agree i have numerous of Danny’s books which are simply fabulous and numerous decals and 3 of his 104 sets. Would buy again tomorrow..twice.
  6. The initial boxings dont have the replacement parts so order those from MC or buy the H. Otherwise the best starting point to do a H or G and you can go as crazy as you like.
  7. At the end of the day they are clutching at straws to cover the deficiencies we spoke about 18 months ago. Panel lines to deep and wide was always a concern. Cant wait to see the test build where they are using the multi part canopy and how they intend gluing the panels in invisibly. Unless they are a click fit?? Have 2 on preorder so looking forward to seeing it in the plastic.
  8. All the special F-15’s of seen from Fujimi have quite thick decals. Printing is ok just thick.
  9. It looks more like a case of “not wanting to see” than cant see. its plainly obvious to every observer except you that the kits curves are far to large. The pic above shows clearly its far to curved. The fuse starts wider ends up narrower then finishes wider again. Some wont care some will.Unfortunately for Amk those who do care are the F-14 lovers who buy multiple multiple kits. No amount of wriggling on “photo angles are not identical” can hide that rear fuselage problem its simply obvious. As i said ill still buy one. But if done right i would of bought 6 or 7.
  10. It comes with quite a bit of PE in the new release so you do get some stuff. PE burners etc..still not sure its worth it though if you have one.
  11. Sold and sold again! Now how about that SU-27 we all are waiting for! Great work!
  12. Ronin decals, Hawkeye decals, Red roo...piles of Hornet decals covering the entire life.
  13. Be great to see someone work through the entire Buff family... Great Wall please? Loved the Vulcan and Victor so pretty please?...
  14. Personally experts are the last people i listen to now..i still listen but with three grains of salt and a dose of reality. Why? Well take a look at whats already happening with the Eduard P-51 and this is nothing to do with what was a botched kit the first release of the 109G. Its over reaction caused by being to close to a subject. Example. So a panel of experts self appointed who love the Fairy Dingbat Mk7 to bits, have spent there lives collecting information etc, know every block and factory variance take a look at the kit. So when the ultimate or maybe even the first Hasetamiduard version is released they buy it with glee! There joy immediately turns to horror when they find the rpm indicator and manifold pressure gauges are reversed, the pilots joystick has the pickle misplaced and the main wheels have Michelin badges instead of goodyear. To add insult to injury the guncamera port is misplaced by 3 inches on the wing leading edge and is square instead of round. Oh the horror! To many these would be insignificant errors meaning nothing to 98.9% of the community. However the Dingbats take it upon themselves to launch a campaign across forums to highlight the stupidly poor research and glaring mistakes by Hasetamiduard. These errors are amplified page after page with vitriol by the Dingbat experts driven by disappointment to bring a campaign of hate because there most famous beautiful aircraft, the love of their lives has been slighted by an incompetent bunch of amatuers parading as a model company. Now this has happened here and elsewhere that insignificant errors which have no visual impact on the “look” of a kit compared to the prototype have been shredded. So to me I temper what experts say, I use your own eyes to asses exactly how you think the kit looks and decide from there. Use the experts opinions to educate yourself from their wonderful knowledge on the finer points or like those experts you will never finish a kit. Gross errors are one thing which the Mk1 eyeball can spot at 20 paces ie Eduard 109G, AMK F-14 aft fuselage etc but listening to experts is rife with issues as you may find there hyper realistic goals will kill much of your enjoyment of the hobby.
  15. Great looking kit but i wont be ordering. Why? i ordered and paid in full in early March during a sale for 2 GWH F-15E’s that where in stock at the time and i am still waiting for these to ship 4 months later. The kits are available everywhere yet your company is unwilling to get them in even though i paid in full now 4 months ago. I could order them from numerous locations right now yet your company LM are happy to take payment and not supply goods. i have spent thousands at LM over the last 15 years but only a small amount in the last 18 months. This is why.. So no F-104’s for me even though it looks like a lovely replacement for the Hasegawa kit. Sad to see such poor business practice from a large well known brand name. regards
  16. Here is the C. Again great skills to get the clear resin so beautifully clear and shaped so well. Its clearly from all reports the most difficult medium to work with and anyone getting these results is very talented at a very black art even the best struggle with. Hopefully this means we may see a few more replacement windscreens and canopies for aircraft which to my eye really need work..cough cough F-105..a correction which would make a HUGE difference to the character of all the kits out there.
  17. The main issue is the front windscreen. They are the same on the E and A/C
  18. Great resin work but personally a few aircraft need fixing far more so than the GWH F-15. F-105 for instance.. Other than the lip missing from the windscreen im happy with its shape. I actually think the correction got the height correct but now its to narrow. Splitting hairs really i just dont think its worth all that work to eliminate a slightly flat canopy to get one thats now a little narrow. Great skill in the design etc i just dont think its needed.. Pay your money and make your choice but id rather se a new F-105 canopy in 32nd and 48th which would sell insanely well on a famous aircraft no manufacturer has even got close. Numerous targets await these skills..
  19. Im happy with the canopy as is. After some very long looks at that modified canopy that has been released from air to air refuelling images i think GWH is still closer than that mod set which is to narrow at the front. No retool needed from this seat. As for the AMK multi part canopy...we told them dont do it...
  20. Yep there was no adaptor just a dedicated pylon.
  21. If your only offering 10 bucks you cant think to highly of it! Lol..😉
  22. Nice looking schemes. However colour instructions and profiles would do you a lot of favours in trying to sell them. No amount of black and white does great colour schemes any favours.
  23. I think its simply because they need to justify themselves that what they own now is fine and anything new cant possibly be better. So canning a new kit comes very easy it simply makes people feel good. Now i have a boat load of Hasegawa 48th 104’s and i bought a similar boatload of Daco correction and weapon sets and will be happy with those as i despised what Hasegawa did to the wing of the 104. The wing looked terrible so if i didnt own a pile of correction sets that fix its biggest issue id be buying piles of Kinetic 104’s. Ill buy at least a couple to have a look as Kinetic are doing some great kits.
  24. What an awesome sheet.. multiple multiples!
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