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  1. Try building a Dagon PZ IVE if you want to see horrendous instructions.. Kinetics instructions are stellar by comparison..and they updated them which you can download the new versions.
  2. Let the flood gates open..hopefully its as nice as the Bone..
  3. Talking about Herks love to see a few Antarctic/arctic birds from the New York guys. Several had nose art and lots of flouro. There was one sheet done buts long long out of print.
  4. You dont need red lines to see the problems with this kit. Thats the problem. If it needed red lines to point them out it would be fine.
  5. Nice to see. Modelsvit kits are very nice indeed the Blinder, MD-11 all have lovely refined detail. Im sure this will go very well for them!
  6. Well done.Chris on the breakdown of the differences it is interesting to see. Id say its not a deal breaker either its more like a missed chance for AMK. For the hard core guys though its again lost sales from the guys who buy 4, 6 or 8 kits as many will look at the back end and once seen you can not “unsee” the issues. Im sure we will see some superb builds of the kit its just a pity they ran out of money, motivation or ideas or all three and failed to deliver on the promise. Is it a nice kit..yep. Is it the best F-14, nope. But i do think we will get some superb builds of the kit and see some great looking F-14’s as the plastic and level of detail even if exaggerated slightly will and does look great under low vis grey. Just a pity sitting next to the Tamiya kit you will see that AMK back end waving at your eyes saying “remember me”...
  7. Nose section looks great compared to the original..i can see a couple of these finding a home here..
  8. Going over the kits myself one other detail missed by Amk was the partial down angle on the spoilers. The spoilers have a slightly down angle in the retracted position to allow them to fair into the flap when deployed which Tamiya picked up. Amk’s are flat topped ie they have no downward angle when stowed. A quick look at the Tamiya upper wing makes it very clear. Never noticed it until comparing the two side by side and the upper wing is very obvious with Tamiya captured that unique feature beautifully.
  9. All these camo birds are nice but how about some real B-52’s?
  10. Sold! Several actually...those scenes shot at sunset of the B-36 contrailing dodgng CU tops are some of the most beautiful ever filmed..
  11. Well you will want to offload the old Esci kit as fast as you can. its in the far distance and needs a massive amount of work to get up to either of the other two. love the Blinder!
  12. Hi Dave i put a post up re it a few weeks ago. Worth getting in short. First it doesnt have some of the fine work the Modelsvit kit does ie finely scribed vents etc. It does have a single piece fuselage and overall very good typical engineering from Trump so though less detailed its going to be easier to out together. Dimensionally very close to the MV kit but from the Mk1 eyeball id say it has less coke bottle effect on the fuse but its still pretty clear. Overall if your into Blinders id grab one it will definitely be an easier build than MV and imagine if Eduard do some PE it will lift it from a detail point very close to MV but again a far easier build. I bought a second thats 5 Blinders in the collection..lol..3MV 2 Trump...
  13. Nice build and very much like the paint well done CKLoo..
  14. My first Sincere kit is on the way. I ordered them seperately to get lower postage so the others are stillto ship. Funnily the shipped my most recent pre order first not the oldest. Anyway at least they are shipping.
  15. To me the seriously coolest version of the 25. You can never have to many Wild Weasels...even Russian ones haulng big kick a#$e missiles!
  16. If your interested in 3D scanning and then getting that to actually accurately reflect reality search for Wingnut Wings and the lessons learnt on the Fokker D7. 5 different versions of software, project restarted several times and piles of money lost. Reading that story very quickly dispelled the myth of how easy 3D scanning and CAD design is.
  17. Eduard sold all 6000 of the Chatanoga P-51 release in like 2 weeks. Gone. 48th is where its at for Eduard.
  18. Actually claiming fake news is looking at things through rose coloured glasses...
  19. Have you ever heard of a “currency converter” and you do realize shippng is part of the comparison? you know shippng aint exactly cheap in 2019. So exactly like i said the prices of kits is relative to where YOU are in the world and how much it costs to get the kit to YOU. Retail means nothing unless you can walk out the door with the kit tucked under your arm. Playing your silly game. Joshin in Osaka Tamiya F-14D 5400¥ ie 50USD two hours ago...AMK no idea as you cant buy them as its still not released..what a surprise.
  20. I live in Australia but frequent Japan on trips. No way? What is no way? For me to pre order the AMK kit from Hobbyeasy to get two kits was 55.00USD per kit. Sincerehobby was even more expensive for shipping at 68USD the supposed official pre order shop. To ship them was for both was 54 so 164USD for two kits which converted is 230AUD or 250 AUD from the official source. Feel free to check the numbers on Hobbyeasy and Sincere hobby. So 115(125sincere)per kit for AMK shipped vs 130 for Tamiya shipped. So a 15% or 5% difference in price is hardly a huge difference by any stretch. Now Sprue borthers charge 91/99 for the Tamiya F14A/D the difference is larger. However who is to say Tamiya wont drop there price when Amk hits the shops, well whatever limited shops they can get them to as they have no distribution network. In Japan the F-14D is 6400 on the street before your Visa card discount of 10% so 5700 Yen call it 52US which is in my dollars around 80 so call it 35 bucks cheaper to buy Tamiya than an Amk kit. Again no distribution in Japan so mail order is the only way until the kit hits the limited few shops they can get them into. Amk have no preorder available inside our country which again based off there lack of distribution network is no surprise. In short because they have no preorder except via mail and no distributor the price is far closer outside the US than in and drawing conclusions that the Amk kit is way cheaper is simply wrong based off the USA pricing. Its a big world. Would you pay 15% more or 3% from official distributor for an accurate F-14 as opposed to a nice kit which is not?
  21. No im buying kits on the street in Japan. Americans have a fascination in basing a kits price off what they pay then assume the entire world is the same. Sorry to my American friends but the axis of our planet does not run through Washington DC. Hence drawing conclusions about kits success etc based off what they pay is as fraught with error as me saying everyone xan buy Tamiya kits for 5200Yen ie 45-50USD so AMK stand no chance.
  22. Well for anyone outside the USA the reverse may be true. I can buy and have bought over 10 Tamiya F-14’s in Japan for an average price of 5400Yen. The AMK kit is pre ordering for 6300 Yen after starting a lot higher so 10USD more expensive trying to encourage sales. AMK will be losing money big time given the Mig-31 in Japan is 9800 Yen. To pre order an AMK kit to my home address was around 90USD so hugely more expensive and almost identical price to Tamiya. Price has and always will regional so any conclusions drawn based off the highly favoured US market is on thin ice to start with.
  23. You may want to seriously relook at whatever lead you to that conclusion. The upper spine on the Monogram kit is horrendously out of shape. The 105 had a significant Omega shape to not only its canopy but also the windscreen and Hobbyboss even though itself not correct is a better shaped spine which directly leads to the canopy shape. Ive spent as much time as i can be bothered on comparing both these kits to reality and the HB kit while certainly not perfect is to me better shaped. Both have issues, both if built OOB end up looking like Thuds but we seriously need someone to do a new F-105 with a slide molded canopy and windscreen to get the shape right. This directly impacts the entire upper fuselage. The HB kit has more curve on the canopy and a better sized windscreen meaning not only is the Monogram kits nose out but its entire upper fuse/canopy/windscreen is out as well. HB is a bit better with more vertical sides, its nose is more accurate and so is its spine but really both need work if you want to get a great looking 105. That omega plays a huge part in the look of the Thud as in influences the entire fuselage but that canopy/windshield is missing from every kit released in 48th. I took this at Pima a few years ago it shows it clearly. Neither is great but HB shape wise is better. Im no fn of the heavy panel lines and rivet work though.. we really need a good F-105...
  24. Agree i have numerous of Danny’s books which are simply fabulous and numerous decals and 3 of his 104 sets. Would buy again tomorrow..twice.
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