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  1. All those sanding and filling... it will be worth in the end. Great job so far.
  2. Another inspiring build. Great work as always... Cheers Ralf
  3. Another very interesting build. I love the scratchbuilding.
  4. I've seen your builds on the french forums already and they are a great inspiration. Especially since I did start a Ranger scratchbuild myself. Then I've discovered yout project and I purchased the L'Arsenal kit right away since it was way better than my puny attempts. Cheers Ralf
  5. Mike Mackowskis Space In Miniature has all the scale drawings you will need. SIM 4 ist the one you want. Hope this helps... Cheers Ralf
  6. Great progress so far. I really like your way of doning things. A big inspiration. Keep up the great work!
  7. Very nice, especially considering the size and materials. Great work! Cheers Ralf
  8. Great work, the engines are very detailed and look really good. Did you model them in Fusion and print them on the Photon? You could model and print a 1/12 scale CSM 😀 Cheers Ralf
  9. You modeled them in Fusion right? What scale is it? Good work. Cheers Ralf
  10. Many thanks for the digital model on thingiverse. This seems perfect for the Photon. As Pete said brilliant job! Cheers Ralf
  11. Your Falcon 1 looks great. I really like how the print came out. When you look at pictures taken just before the launch it seems that at least one side has no logo applied.
  12. Not much left of the original kit... great work. Can't wait to see it finished.
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