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  1. I don’t get a chance to post much but I have to say this is my dream build! I’m planning on a similar build when I finish my home remodel hopefully this year. Keep posting and I will keep watching. Oh and I was the kid taking pics on the flight line if you were there in the mid 80’s. 😎
  2. C5fler tried to pm you but is says you cannot receive messages, B model yours if you want it . PayPal f4rhino@gmail.com
  3. I've decided to sell a few of my Academy Phantom Kits, I will sell your choice of the B C or J kits for 45 shipped in the Conus only. Selling 1 of each and they are sealed.
  4. Ordered! Can't resist.....have to build Boneyard Bound!
  5. Got my order in! I'm hoping to win so it can be included with the Buckeye Viper sheet!
  6. Left from last weeks sale is a open box with sealed contents 1/48 Hasegawa F18D Night attack boxing. Looking for 55 USD plus shipping. I ship UPS with tracking the day after payment is received, will take PayPal FF or money order. Not really looking for any trades right now. Thanks Rob
  7. Start with selling these. Boxes open and contents are sealed and complete. 60 USD each and I will split shipping with you. If you have PM me already you will get first chance, want to ship Monday Thanks and sorry to stir up such a Hornets nest ! Lol
  8. Sorry if I have offended some of you guys, I have listed stuff for sale before and gotten no response, honestly didn't know how much interest there would be, so that being said here what I'm sure I want to sell for starters, 1 each C and D boxes are open contents are sealed and complete with no issues.... 55 USD I will split shipping with you, prefer CONUS To avoid confusion I will post the super hornets seperate, if you have pm me already you will get first chance
  9. Answering PM s I will post up pics tomorrow afternoon with prices, will go in order of response till all sold. Thanks guys!
  10. I have several Hasegawa Hornets that are complete most open box with sealed bags. I have both legacy and super hornets... I know it will take years to get to building them, so if anyone is interested in them for a fair price I will post up pics of the ones you want to see. Just pm me or respond here? I get this is a little unorthodox method of selling, just wanting to gauge interest.....Thanks
  11. Thanks for posting your stories, I enjoy every word of them! Most of all thanks for your service!!
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