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  1. I recieved a box of Hornets today! All in super like new condition! Thanks for the GREAT deal.
  2. I am looking for FOD covers for Hasegawa Phantoms, FOD covers and covered nozzles for Hasegawa legacy Hornets. RBF tags. Basicly covers for flightline display? right now I have to trade 3 F-4c/d sealed 1 f-14a contents sealed 1 f-14d sealed 2 p-51 1 sealed 1 box open contents sealed All Revell 1/48 PM me any trade offers or will sell cheap!
  3. Im in! I had no idea how extensive your product line is!
  4. 1 Trade pending..........will do multiples for the right kit!
  5. I have for sale the following... 1 F-18e, Traded 4 F-4c/d's, 1 traded 3 sold 1 F-14a, 1 F-14d, 2 P-51. All are NISB asking 15.00 each US shipped CONUS only. Trades considered, only 1:48 PM or email f4rhino@gmail.com
  6. Anyone have a Modern Eagle Guide they would sell? Maybe trade?
  7. Just ordered 4 different titles off the website, heads up guys there are 2 awesome titles on sale for 25.00 each!
  8. Mike Long went above and beyond to meet me and close the deal on 5 Hasegawa Phantoms. You can deal with him in confidence, hes a stand up guy!
  9. Got a great deal from Andrew on my first Tamiya Viper! Thanks Man! Deal with him with no worries!
  10. Man it sucks being new, cant figure out how to move this. Sorry
  11. Got a great deal from Andrew on my first Tamiya Viper! Thanks Man! Deal with him with no worries!
  12. Looking for the above, would prefer latest boxing as I want to do NJ Ang markings. Will trade multiple Revell kits...list is 1 post down.
  13. Willing to deal, just lmk....going to put on ebay next couple of days.
  14. I have several multiples of the following, not looking to get rich just want to simplify my stash for now... 0 1/48 F-8 Crusader....still in shrinkwrap unopened---TRADED 1 1/48 F-18E Super Hornet....shrinkwrapped all unopened--2 TRADED 1 Left 1 1/48 F-18C Hornet....Box open contents open appears complete 2 1/48 P-51D Mustang...1 still shrinkwrapped unopened, 1 opened but 100% new inside 1 1/48 F-14A Still unwrapped....sealed bags 1 1/48 F-14D Still wrapped Make Offers to include shipping from Ohio Paypal preferred I'm looking for are Hasegawa Phantoms in 1/48, I will trade multiples
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