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  1. Here's a link to one of the better breakdowns I've found: My link
  2. Hope this helps...love those Blackbird builds!!
  3. If you wish, pm me an email and I will send you what I have...
  4. Are you interested in the outer or underside details?
  5. Blackbird Resurrection: A Novel Based on the Reactivation of the Sr-71
  6. Hi guys I will be building the FW14B in 1/12 with some figures and a simple dio. I found this kit at a show...it was labeled as started, but as far as I can tell only the intake has been glued to the tub and the engine block halves are glued together. Most of the parts are off the sprues so not sure if it's all there yet. I found the Mansell and Senna figures on Ebay a while back and decided to buy them in case I ever build this kit, and now seems like a great time with this GB going on. This is my inspiration... Glad to be on board!
  7. All this banter about nature photography...I felt compelled to see if Animal would critique these shots from the Sprint Boat U.S Nationals this last weekend in Long Beach. http://gallery3.kitmaker.net/data/500/imageA.jpg http://gallery3.kitmaker.net/data/500/imageB.jpg http://gallery3.kitmaker.net/data/500/longbeachss80jcarlos_1_of_1_.jpg Up until this bird found the intake of the 500cid Chevy, this boat was in the lead for the overall win. A bad day for all concerned!
  8. I briefly met Brian Schul at a book signing years back, and while standing in line and listening to him interact with the public, you definitely got a sense of his flair for the dramatic. That combined with the awesome capability of the SR-71...no doubt could make strong pilots do silly things, I'd guess. In any case I've always considered the Habu to be dedicated American patriots rather than "hero's". Now the men flying the A-12's, they had a big set on em'! I've read of at least one pilot who walked away from the program before they got the inlet scheduling/pressures sussed out. Great m
  9. Apu

    LED Lights

    I have used these for cockpit lighting and it worked very well. This link is only for example and not meant as an endorsement for the seller... http://www.ebay.com/itm/12ft-2-0mm-FIBER-OPTIC-FIBRE-MODEL-LIGHTING-Dioramas-etc-etc-FREE-illuminator-/370816109595?pt=Model_Kit_US&hash=item56565ccc1b
  10. If your gonna be making a lot of em over time, find an ALPS printer...thermal transfer with white option! Expensive-ish, but best printer available behind screen print!
  11. I've seen them from Model Art/Minichamps and also BMW's house brand, but both are OOP and can get spendy. Perhaps there are more...I just did a search on eBay and found a maroon 740 for $150. You may have to play the waiting game and keep a search open for a cheaper deal. Edit: the one on eBay is an E32 (1994)
  12. I believe the 1:24 7 series is only available in diecast.
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