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  1. Thank´s for your kind words guys! Did it the easy way - panel lines filled with some commercial chemistry. Ammo of mig Light Gray wash (from the USN set) on white surfaces and neutral wash (MIG, but Productions this time) everywhere else. Nothing more really, so I hope this helps:)
  2. And a family picture with older brothers: Hope you enjoy it and critiques are, as always, welcome. Vladislav
  3. G´morning gents, here is my most recent addition to USN collection. I´m really glad that Sword focuses on such "exotic" planes. Decals are "homemade", national insignia and stencils came from the Sword kit.
  4. Hi guys, another piece to my USN collection. Except for rivets, position lights and right behind the seat area it´s out of the box. Although I´m happy with result, critiques are, of course, welcome:) Vladislav
  5. Thanks for your kind words guys, really appreciate it! Eric B.: Wipers came from Eduard PE set for Viking - cat.no.72168: . Only addition to them were those small mounting brackets (scratched) - or how I should call it:)
  6. Hi guys, finally I´ve finished something new, so here I´am - Hasegawa kit filled up with ResIM and Eduard stuff, wheel wells made from scratch. Also I´ve tried to rescribe the whole kit and make some rivet lines. Hope I´ve done it well:) As always, critiques are welcome but I surely hope you´ll enjoy following pictures.
  7. Thank you for kind words, guys! Really appreciate it!
  8. It been quite a time I´ve finished something, so here I´am again - new Sword kit, essentially OOB with only a few alternations (mainly around intakes and front wheel leg). After all, this was fun to build and I´am happy for a great looking addition to my US Navy fleet.
  9. With new MPM kit on the way I´ve started to look after the NAVY machine and found the only Picture of such chopper on some usntps alumni page. So my question is - is it true or is it some kind of joke? The some for G in service with Marines. Would someone find more pictures? Any help would be kindly appreciated.
  10. http://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=72540 ;)
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