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    1/48 American and Canadian military aircraft.
  1. Thanks Joel! What project you working on now?
  2. Have both 1st and second season on DVD. The second is not as good as the first but still pretty good. Glad to see their are like minded weirdos according to my wife.:rolleyes:/>/>
  3. Piston engine aircraft are rare for me, but when its a cool gift why not. Monogram 1/48 P-61 all OOB. [/url
  4. Planned on doing this same kit in this scheme as soon as Revell sends me a new canopy. Looking good.
  5. You remember! LOL. The most unpoliticaly correct show ever.
  6. I agree. Also nicely done for the price.
  7. Gotta love those old monogram kits. Most bang for the buck. Yours looks great.
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