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  1. AgentG

    M4A3 105 dozer

    Thanks guys! FF I really went all out on this and tried new methods. It seems to have paid off. I have been looking at the AK line and I like what I see. The Academy kit wasn't bad, just an older tool. Having built lots of DML Shermans, my spares box was ready. Thank you Moritz! G
  2. I had not yet added the antenna when these pics were taken. G
  3. AgentG

    M4A3 105 dozer

    This is the Academy M4A3 105 with dozer blade. I used a few spare DML parts and scratchbuilt some to get the look right. Paint it Tamiya with oil and enamels for weathering. I have a photo of the real tank at the Chosin Resevoir in December 1950. At that time the dozer blade and .50 were not mounted. I think I have done the kit and the subject justice. G
  4. You know you live in St Louis if you have ever worn shorts and a parka, at the same time. Born raised and worked my whole career in "the 'Lou". There's a reason I moved to the Mojave desert Weather, specifically the lack of humidity. G
  5. I'm very glad that worked well for you! Tamiya Buff is one of those colors you cannot go without. G
  6. 81 here today.................... G
  7. What theatre are you modelling? Afrika Korps Kubels weren't "sand" as such. There were two distinct camo schemes for the tropics. Of course if you don't care about that, Tamiya "Buff" is a good sand color right from the bottle. :D G
  8. RIP baby sister, and the thin blue line again fades to black. G
  9. They most likely started out as unstained varnished wood. I use Tamiya Buff or Deck Tan with a coat of clear orange over that to replicate freshly varnished wood. I think a deck tan base, with a wash of medium gray will give you the bleached and weathered appearence you want. G
  10. Anything in the interior which could even remotely be seen from the air would be the same color as the exterior of the vehicle. My opinion is the museum piece is wrong, because if you look at the rear of the vehicle it too is painted white or off white which is completely wrong. The back open areas of half tracks are painted like the exterior. Starowka would most certainly have been dark yellow overall, and given the photos I believe a green pattern is correct. In this old film green and red brown can be seen as seperate colors as the red brown will look marginally darker. These pics, to me
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