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  1. thank you Roberto thanks Ron thank you mate.
  2. thanks mate, i think its angle of the Picture, because there is nothing wrong about real kit i checked again 🙂
  3. just finished, i used eduard pe set for the cockpit and aires resin set for the nozzle.
  4. Hi everyone, just finished from oob.
  5. haha you are right :), they will clean it up all night 🙂 i have made an example from your ''shitters'' a couple of year ago 🙂
  6. thanks mate. thanks, I used RB Production rivet tool. thanks Dutch, I found dirty japanese stallion 🙂
  7. thanks 🙂 thank you mate. thanks. thanks, you are right, i'll try another color for background. thank you mate 🙂
  8. Hi all, just finished 1/48 Academy Mh-53E Japan Force, i used black dog big set, eduard interior and exterior detail set, SAC metal landing gear, Wolfpack decal set and some scratch built for the rotor head. hope you like it.
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