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  1. thanks mate, i think its angle of the Picture, because there is nothing wrong about real kit i checked again 🙂
  2. just finished, i used eduard pe set for the cockpit and aires resin set for the nozzle.
  3. Hi everyone, just finished from oob.
  4. haha you are right :), they will clean it up all night 🙂 i have made an example from your ''shitters'' a couple of year ago 🙂
  5. thanks mate. thanks, I used RB Production rivet tool. thanks Dutch, I found dirty japanese stallion 🙂
  6. thanks 🙂 thank you mate. thanks. thanks, you are right, i'll try another color for background. thank you mate 🙂
  7. Hi all, just finished 1/48 Academy Mh-53E Japan Force, i used black dog big set, eduard interior and exterior detail set, SAC metal landing gear, Wolfpack decal set and some scratch built for the rotor head. hope you like it.
  8. this one is my latest build, i used Eduard cockpit detail set, gunze paints, hope you like it ;)
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