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  1. Hope that you are considering doing accurate markings for the F-16XL kit coming from Skunkmodels (Kenetic) like your YF-23 decals. Keeping up hope on this one. As always, thank you for producing such great decals that are accurate and look great on the finished model. W
  2. Rather than see new stabs, I would much prefer an F-4A/F4H-1 conversion, but that is a lot of work! Looking forward to your F-4S set Darren.
  3. Kit does look great. Noticed that the build up has the Radar nose, which is nice. Hopefully kit will include non Radar nose also. This one is exciting!
  4. These are most exciting to me, and will be placing an order for this and your F-104 decals in 1/48 scale. Thank you for doing these.
  5. I see that Roden is listing a new 1/144 scale VC-10 kit. I sure picked the wrong time to get out of airliner modeling. Both a new IL-62 and now a VC-10. Looks like a great year for airliner modelers
  6. Those early F-15's also had a for lack of the better word, a stiffiner on the speedbrake, you can see it in the photo. The Fujimi early releases all had this feature.
  7. Beautiful builds...but what the heck? A TWA 767-200! That was perhaps the nice's I have seen in a very, very long time and perhaps the most difficult finish of any of your builds.
  8. Hi Cameron, I got your email and had email issues and was not sure my response to you ever got to you, which I see now did not. I have a set of the decals set aside for you, please email me your address and I will get them off to you. Thank you for following up. Wayne
  9. Hi Thomas, I received your address and will be sending the decals out tomorrow. I uploaded an upgrade to my OS and all my emails will not send. So I wanted to let you know while I am working through this dumb issue. No payment necessary, these are just a few decals which are left. Glad to see there are a few bits of interest in these. Thanks
  10. Hi Thomas, at last got out and found the few FJ-1 decals I have left. Please send me your address so I can send you the decals, my email is apollodcal@gmail.com. Sorry it took a few days to get back to you. Wayne
  11. sure I have what you are looking for sheet I have is for 3 F's, with 38311 in the markings of the 49th TFW. Just like your photo. would post an image, but posting images here escapes me.
  12. Hi Pete, please PM me at apollodcal@gmail.com and send me your address. I have what you need and will send it. Thanks Wayne
  13. Hi Thomas, I produced those decals and I might have a sheet or two around. Let me check and I will let you know. Wayne Fowler
  14. Looking forward to seeing these new Liveries Unlimited decals. Your decals always were the best
  15. along those lines, a sheet of detailed instrument panels designed to fit a particular kit would be nice. A well printed and designed decal panel often looks better over the 3D plastic parts than an etched metal set. You could do a sheet with various F-4 variants, or a century series set etc.
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