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  1. Bonanza27

    F-16XL decals

    Hope that you are considering doing accurate markings for the F-16XL kit coming from Skunkmodels (Kenetic) like your YF-23 decals. Keeping up hope on this one. As always, thank you for producing such great decals that are accurate and look great on the finished model. W
  2. Bonanza27

    1/48 Academy F-4S

    Rather than see new stabs, I would much prefer an F-4A/F4H-1 conversion, but that is a lot of work! Looking forward to your F-4S set Darren.
  3. Bonanza27

    New 1/72 DC-4/C-54 from Revell

    Kit does look great. Noticed that the build up has the Radar nose, which is nice. Hopefully kit will include non Radar nose also. This one is exciting!
  4. These are most exciting to me, and will be placing an order for this and your F-104 decals in 1/48 scale. Thank you for doing these.
  5. Bonanza27

    New VC-10 listed by Roden

    I see that Roden is listing a new 1/144 scale VC-10 kit. I sure picked the wrong time to get out of airliner modeling. Both a new IL-62 and now a VC-10. Looks like a great year for airliner modelers
  6. Bonanza27

    Early F-15A Ejection Seat???

    Those early F-15's also had a for lack of the better word, a stiffiner on the speedbrake, you can see it in the photo. The Fujimi early releases all had this feature.
  7. Bonanza27

    2014 wrap up

    Beautiful builds...but what the heck? A TWA 767-200! That was perhaps the nice's I have seen in a very, very long time and perhaps the most difficult finish of any of your builds.
  8. Bonanza27

    Looking for Decals Area 53 A53-3 for 1/48 FJ-1 Fury

    Hi Cameron, I got your email and had email issues and was not sure my response to you ever got to you, which I see now did not. I have a set of the decals set aside for you, please email me your address and I will get them off to you. Thank you for following up. Wayne
  9. Bonanza27

    Looking for Decals Area 53 A53-3 for 1/48 FJ-1 Fury

    Hi Thomas, I received your address and will be sending the decals out tomorrow. I uploaded an upgrade to my OS and all my emails will not send. So I wanted to let you know while I am working through this dumb issue. No payment necessary, these are just a few decals which are left. Glad to see there are a few bits of interest in these. Thanks
  10. Bonanza27

    Looking for Decals Area 53 A53-3 for 1/48 FJ-1 Fury

    Hi Thomas, at last got out and found the few FJ-1 decals I have left. Please send me your address so I can send you the decals, my email is apollodcal@gmail.com. Sorry it took a few days to get back to you. Wayne
  11. Bonanza27

    1/48 F-105F request(s)

    sure I have what you are looking for sheet I have is for 3 F's, with 38311 in the markings of the 49th TFW. Just like your photo. would post an image, but posting images here escapes me.
  12. Bonanza27

    1/48 F-105F request(s)

    Hi Pete, please PM me at apollodcal@gmail.com and send me your address. I have what you need and will send it. Thanks Wayne
  13. Bonanza27

    Looking for Decals Area 53 A53-3 for 1/48 FJ-1 Fury

    Hi Thomas, I produced those decals and I might have a sheet or two around. Let me check and I will let you know. Wayne Fowler
  14. Bonanza27

    New Il-62 Decals

    Looking forward to seeing these new Liveries Unlimited decals. Your decals always were the best
  15. Bonanza27

    F-4 stencils/walkways

    along those lines, a sheet of detailed instrument panels designed to fit a particular kit would be nice. A well printed and designed decal panel often looks better over the 3D plastic parts than an etched metal set. You could do a sheet with various F-4 variants, or a century series set etc.
  16. Bonanza27

    CD48073: RF-101C Voodoo

    Really looking forward to what you can do with this very significant aircraft from the Viet Nam war. Thank you!
  17. Bonanza27

    Tuskegee Airmen, trainers

    speaking of PT-13/17's in different markings I have not been too impressed with any of the aftermarket decals as of yet. I read that when the USS Ranger delivered P-40's to Iceland for the defense of Iceland they also delivered 3 PT-13's. Wonder if those were marked any differently? Also one of the N2S's used as recall aircraft with the stripes painted on the aircraft would be interesting.
  18. Bonanza27

    VX-4 F-4J Phantoms - Standard Scheme

    Another nice build Paul, especially like the Sparrow I's. Often thought a sheet of decals covering VX-4/NMC aircraft over the years might be interesting. Lots of great stuff.
  19. Bonanza27

    VX-4 F-4J Phantoms - Standard Scheme

    That's one beautiful F-8 Darren.
  20. Bonanza27

    VX-4 F-4J Phantoms - Standard Scheme

    On Aero Data USN/USMC F-4 Phantoms Pt. 2 they have a photo of 150435 (a very nice side shot and same one which is in another post above with the orange) and it is indeed blue. The orange thing on the wing tip is actually the fin tip of another F-4 parked behind 435. At this time, VX-4 was involved in the early experimentation with low vis color schemes as well as just having some fun with test paint schemes like Vandy 9 and Vandy 1. While I was told by an aircraft maintenance person that this F-4 was painted Air Superiority Blue, it could have been the squadron's own color or MacAir's color. Both the USAF and USN were interested in reducing visual sighting distances and both services shared information to those ends. Remember that NAS Pt Mugu, NAS China Lake and AFFTC Edwards AFB are not very far apart from each other, and they often worked together. Chuck Heatly once told me that an F-4 making a turn and exposing its white belly, that white could be seen for miles.
  21. Bonanza27

    VX-4 F-4J Phantoms - Standard Scheme

    I have seen the blue bird in VX-4's hanger, was told it was painted in the F-15 Air Superiority blue to test the color on the F-4. Was told it made the aircraft stand out in the sky. Will try and find some photos of the 1970-71 period.
  22. Bonanza27

    CD48071 - Desert Kingdom Defenders

    Great choice for a Tornado sheet. I was hoping that you'd do the German Tornado's based at Holoman AFB, their special scheme is nice
  23. If there is another 1/48 scale F-16 sheet in your future plans, how about doing the #1 F-16 prototype? This aircraft was covered in a Vignator Decal sheet but the sheet is sold out everywhere and will not be reprinted. This would go along well with the YF-23 decals and the B-58 decals. It would provide a nice option for those wanting to build this aircraft. The Otaki, Entex and early Tamiya F-16's are not hard to find, but there are simply no decals for them. It would be nice to have the "sire" of the line in an F-16 collection.
  24. Bonanza27

    CD48059 - B-58 Hustler

    Just received my Hustler sheet yesterday (found it when I got home from work). This is perhaps on the finest decals ever produced. Outstanding research, artwork and printing. A real treasure. I do not intend to build a B-58, I purchased the decals for the ARDC badges for another project. But now I just may have to purchase another sheet before they are gone and actually build a Hustler. Great work Caracal!
  25. Bonanza27

    Trumpeter New tools 1/48 F-106 Testshots

    KursadA, really looking forward to your future 106 sheets. I know there has been a bit of discussion on this about Montana's dark blue color. Many moons ago when I was in the decal business, and Montana was flying the 106, I worked with them to produce a decal for their aircraft. The squadron sent down to me besides photos, a color chip of the blue used. It is a metallic color much like a metallic blue used by I think Ford in the early 60's. Anyway I believe I still have the chip and if you are interested let me know and I will dig it out and send it. What we did was to underprint the blue areas in silver and then print a transparent dark blue over the silver and then print the white lettering on top of that. It gave the correct color. Anyway, looking forward to what you do, your work is absolutely the best.