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  1. That's RAAFie's for you....all arse....no class!!
  2. G'day All, Well another one done to hang from the ceiling. All OOB and brushed painted with Humbrol enamels. I did use a rattle can for the clear coat though. Cheers, Devo
  3. Your Wally Wessex is looking good so far!
  4. What……. you got a care package? You lucky SOB.πŸ˜„ I got divorce papers after one 6 month trip!
  5. A shout out to Dave Roof for helping me out with sourcing a set of decals and then posting said same to me Downunder, all for a very very reasonable price. Thanks Mate
  6. G'day I saw olive drab on top and black underneath main rotors. Some had white tail rotors with black stripes. The helo's sure weren't painted red, might look red in a certain light but trust me, they were like an International orange colour. I was there during OP BELISI in 1997,1998 & 1999, aboard HMAS Tobruk LSH 50.
  7. Nice one mate!🚁 You will have to do a blue/white Royal Australian Navy 206B-1 next.
  8. Thanks mate. Yes the red tubing came with the kit as well as clear for the fuel lines and black for the brake cables. They also give you some weird gray tubing for the handgrip's, which is a real PITA to get on as the diameter of the clip on's is way bigger than the diameter of the weird gray tubing.......s'pose they can't make it too easy for us Devo
  9. G'day All, I thought I would put up a few pic's of my latest in progress build. Hopefully it's starting to resemble an MV Agusta 500cc 4 cylinder GP bike from the 1960's. It's all OOB and brush painted. I left off the front mudguard as I saw a pic of this bike racing without it, so why not. I just have the fuel tank, seat and fairing to go and it will be finished. Cheers, Devo
  10. All good looking builds! That Eggplant Flanker is sweet.
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