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  1. Good startingpoint. Go ahead ! Have a look at YouTube too . You can gain a lot of „how to“ there.
  2. The late ERDL variants will be in 72 scale welcome too. Nice addition to Fujimi A-7 Corsairs in Desert Storm markings and for israeli Phantoms.
  3. I tried Vallejo MetalColour for the first time on this Airfix MiG-17. It's my first metalfinish too. I'm very satisfied with the handling and look of it. Gloss coat before Decals, then a coat again, wash and a last topcoat of gloss varnish. thats it.
  4. Really usefull idea. Placards for wheelwells and gearstruts will also be Handy. Cheers
  5. Really cool paintscheme. Black looks never black. Well done!
  6. Really cool. Briliant paintshop. Which colour did you use?
  7. A really cool coffetable book about the Harrier with lots of colourpictures! https://www.bookdepository.com/Harrier-Tim-McLelland/9781906537203
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