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  1. I just got it yesterday from the printshop. It a big piece and will require some tweeking with the kit, it looks awesome. Next stop is to make resin copies.
  2. I'm waiting on an awesome one I saw recently. đŸ˜€ Mine?
  3. Are you doing a nose conversion as well in 1/32?
  4. really, thats sounds sarcastic. Sorry bro, i am not in the humor mode, too many people dying around me lately.
  5. working on the tanks as we speak and started painting the cabin, cockpit and the long exhaust pipe. Please keep the pictures coming.
  6. A lot of great photos. I will be adding the fuel tanks in the cabin for sure. thanks
  7. I sure appreciate you taking the time to look into the engine and such. I did contact the last flying Huskie in Washington but i haven't heard anything back. I called the museum. Love to find out the name of the pilot and contact me directly. Your photos give me an idea how to position the engine. Thanks Oliver
  8. first, thanks so much for sharing your points. So, the engine is from the Arado i think, i will use that as the base for T.53. I have seen cargo netting and solid fabric for the seats, i went with solid setbacks only because i needed to have some color inside the cabin. Will add cables for winch and pylons. I do know about exhaust braces and stabs. Paintjob will be the SEA camo version. I did not know about overhead windows, now i do. Plenty of photos i found on the exhaust discoloration so good on that. Do you have photos of engine area by any chance?
  9. Still working out all the details on the nose. Not available just yet.
  10. vacation came with This is a fun build so far i must say. So much can be done at any modeling level. Creating more work for myself, I am in the process of cutting out the engine cowlings to display the engine. I hope to display two mechanics by the helicopter and a pilot near by. Maybe a small generator by the helicopter since VideoAviation came with two units last months in 1/32 scale.
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