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  1. Flat Red from Tamiya then fading with Either Flat Yellow or Lemon Yellow also from Tamiya.
  2. Hi, Its a great kit a joy to build except for the rotor blades, they need TLC for sure. I recommend the kit. There is book available for it and a must have if you do this helo. Oliver.
  3. This is truly some amazing modeling going on here .I really like what you are doing. oliver
  4. Great Photos. I have built a Seahawk dio, took over 5 years.
  5. There is an amazing book on the H 43 Kaman that I used but mostly internet search. Let me know if I can help further.
  6. id love to see how it comes out, sounds pretty cool. So much can be done with the Kaman.
  7. For the H43 or the h34? thanks, happy to hear you like the builds.
  8. Thanks. Same here no answers on emails. I may have the main rotor in 1/48 if you want.
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