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  1. Reshaped main rotor towers with super glue because of uneven gaps. Added Archer rivets to replace lost rivets. A small coat of Tamiya grey primer to check for flaws. Will glue the piece to the fuselage next week.
  2. Is the transmission tower backwards?
  3. Great news however it would better to scale up to either 1/35 or 1/32 but i do welcome updated Gazelle.
  4. Build the interior first and paint with desired color then use clear resin with mixed tamiya clear paint in the desired color with either green,blue to simulate color lens.
  5. Amazing looking Seahawk. Its just perfect in my book. I dig it.
  6. I wanted to share the news early. Finally made it to Fine Scale Modeler for December 2020
  7. Thanks Gino. Heavy tail, will fix helo to base for sure
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