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  1. Thank you. Very few photos on ASW. I used research from the Wessex. I am debating in redoing the interior winch with simpler version. Will add seatbelts to the second seat if i use it.
  2. Small progress. https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/jj121/heloman2008/20211010_164239.jpg
  3. Heli scale has 3 d printed stuff ? Its looking great. No seats belts on the pilots seats? I cant wait to see the paint on this one.
  4. Thanks everyone for the comments. I did not want to weather the floor too much since the helo will be somewhat clean outside. Weathering the floor today.
  5. .I haven't painted anything yet on the walls beside grey and some shading. I will add some color to the connectors and weather the seat a bit more. I am still debating about the cabin floor and thats next.
  6. https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/jj121/heloman2008/20210926_143104.jpg
  7. I decided to scrap the second seat since it was too crowded, i will replace the seat with a case of flares. Case will be aluminum color and the flares orange. I also added a flotation device under the seat to add color in this all grey cabin.
  8. Good progress Gino. Nice to see fuselage together.
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