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  1. I ordered the blade fold from Scalewarship about a month ago but I was told that Russians hack the UK mail international delivery(whatever that means) i I am not sure if I will receive the item so I am trying to duplicate it in styrene.
  2. Dave, Please take my money cause i want this one
  3. This is by far the most attractive camo ever painted for the Cobra.
  4. The steps supplied in the kit are wrong for the H34 but correct for the Wessex so I am making the correct steps. The steps do fold but I am duplicate mine extented. Big Thanks to Rotorwash for his research photos to help in making the steps.
  5. Many update lately. Not back at work just yet. I am adding a bunch of details befor the huge paint work.
  6. I am trying to get everything put together to transport the helo to my club meeting but I am afraid of breaking stuff. here's with almost everything on. Added cargo hook at the bottom.
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