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  1. 1/32 will be great. Im a patient man. ...whenever u get around to it..lol
  2. Gino, you know its a model and i am not planing to close the tail, its a static display. I do agree with you that it should be open but let me quote for a minute "good enough for me". Oliver
  3. So nice...now if only an alouette 3 in 1/35...
  4. Thanks. I forgot the cable so working on that now.
  5. I wish i could help you with the figures. I am trying to teach myself how to paint them right now...no so pretty. Can u post your figures you just got, I am sure you are familiar with reedoak figures. top notch in my book. Working on dealing the seahawk folding tail today, will post photos later. Oliver
  6. I did not paint the figures. One of the top Spanish figure painter did them for me.
  7. Started on the tail today. Had to insert a brass rod to make sure its strong enough to hold tail, rotor and stabilizer. This is the begining of the end. Next are the clear parts and painting fuselage.
  8. I have no idea..may leave it. Its painted black so may dissapear once glass part is on..
  9. Light primer coat to check for mistakes to fix.
  10. The gap in the nose is a joke, i wasn't sure i wanted to putty all of it since sanding would have been a bit of a challenge. Building a frame was the best answer(at least for me). I am in process of framing the nose cowling since I lost all the details reshaping the nose. thanks for the comments. Oliver
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