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  1. Hi Rick, I am planning to do an open cowling version as well so we can see the engine in the future. I believe a new improved engine was just released again from a resin company last month but i can recall which one right now. I went back and forth between the bottom exhaust or side exhaust and i went with the side one. I have to finish the Huskie first before i get back to the h.34 since i am planning to enter the Huskie at the IPMS Nationals in August. Gino is paving the way for us with his H.34 build. Oliver
  2. This is definitely on my list to do. Hunter/killer team for sure. Oliver
  3. Hi Rick, Its great to hear that someone else is making the H.34. I cant wait to see what you do with yours and I am sure you will make your dad proud.. I own the rights to the nose since I produced it for my H.34. I just gave Gino a copy so he could build his ahead of us and share his building tips, i cant wait to see what he does with his. There are minor details i want to improve with the nose and Reedoak will be helping with the printing. Please be patient I am working on it. Thanks. Oliver
  4. Thanks Hows the h.34 coming along?. Any building headaches i should know when i get to mine.
  5. Is this the final product sprues? A bit bare of details.
  6. Are u adding all the wiring inside as well?
  7. Thanks Tim Hoping to glue the rotor towers next.
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