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  1. Beautiful kit you made. I am aware of the gap around the cockpit floor. It appears the cockpit floor is wrong as well and so are the tail rotor pedals. Any photos of engine area and cabin gear you want to may share. I am not planning to do the cargo net in the back. Are the blades black? I see different color on them like a blue leading edge. It is such a cool helo.
  2. Yes I believe it will be available for purchase. I just dont know how much yet. I was talking to Norbert and he might be interested in carrying them on his line for me.
  3. Check your right cyclic, it looks off center. A great build so far.
  4. looking stunning. I would so love to have his in 1/35 scale.
  5. oh yeah thats right its backwards, thanks for the heads up. .
  6. Thanks LD. They are both Iconic helos. Ive been reading on the H.43 service and development, it is such a cool helo. I am working on making interior walls and floor and ceiling right now, will post soon. I am looking for photos of the cabin floor to see what kind of detail it has. I have the Kaman h43 book but no tight photos of the floor and my internet search turned out rather low. Oliver
  7. Thanks for correcting me on the engine. I did find one one bay. I was going to do a Navy version but it now might be a land version, i just dont know yet.
  8. I think its the old cobra resin set. I need to remake the cockpit floor because I am not sure that huge is correct.lol
  9. Hi, Getting deeper into the diorama world I will try to do a Vietnam Flightline with a H34 and a H43. The nose conversion for the H.34 is moving slowly with a lot of headaches trying to use the Wessex kit from Fly Model as much as I can to limit the amount of surgery needed for the conversion, I just found an R2800 engine in resin in 1/32 so i will have the cowlings open on the h.34 to show the engine . The H 43 is the old kit from HAWK models and needs a lot of detailing inside. I am not planning to super detail the H43 much. I will probably add some kind of aircraft Generator from Video Aviation or an Aircraft tractor from Aires. Time to start thinking about the base since it might be a large dio. I may add few pilots by the aircrafts. I am hoping to be done with it in 2 years. Oliver
  10. Thanks. This is just until i get the nose worked out for the H34 conversion in 1/32.
  11. yep thats small alright. in any case a great start so far.
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