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  1. Got the figures today. I found this amazing designer in Europe and I am quite happy how they turned out. let me know if anyone is interested to get figures done for your dio. Heres how it looks with them.
  2. Thanks for your input however this is not a Vietnam era build. The toolbox is finished and I cant change the decals since it would mess everything up. Not take as criticism at all. I had to scale down decals from 1/24 scale to 1/48. oliver
  3. Made a new drill. Started gluing some of the stuff together.
  4. No done yet. I got decals coming for all the bottles. Any photos in stickers/zaps or unit?
  5. Finally got the figures printed and the painting of the toolbox started.
  6. remade the toolbox since the paint job on the previous was ruined with Solvaset, I have never had that happened before. I really want a toolbox with the dio. Heres the new toolbox.
  7. Gazelle 1/35 Westland Scout 1/35.....oh wait it's already in the works. Alouette 3 1/35 H19. 1/35 Seaking 1/35
  8. New and bigger board and ground work in progress. almost with all the dio pieces.
  9. Please take my money now. Looks fantastic. A must have. Oliver
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