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  1. Thats some amazing photos. Thanks so much.
  2. Hi Wafu Thanks for the info. What MK is the camo wessex on the photo? I am planning to add the gazelle engines and open panels on main rotor mast/oil cooler area as of now. I guess the kit is an Mk 5???. Is you have any engine photos on both sides u are allowed to share, please post. So little seen of interior subhunting gear.
  3. I think I am going to do the Sub hunting version with Arctic Camo....probably not accurate but i want to detail the cabin other than with the blue seats. Debating on detaling both Gazelle Napier engines as of now. Will open panels behind transmission tower and oil cooler. I will not fold blades or tail. May do a winter scene...and then again things may change along the build.
  4. If i can do the h34 nose it will be a vietnam version and if i cant id love to do two tone artic version.
  5. I Have been putting this helo on the back burner for far too long, I would love to do a H. 34 version but no nose conversion on the market available yet. Could it be time to create the nose in CAD?. I have been reading on this this build and it appears that it is a challenging build in several areas. Would be kind a cool next to a Lynx. I just washed all the parts in dishwashing liquid this morning since releasing agents was rather slick.
  6. Awesome. Happy to help. Post photos of the build when u can.
  7. Gino, I just mailed your package for your missing parts. Oliver
  8. I have the full rotor system from my mh 6o s building except the main shaft. If u still want it, its yours. No charge.
  9. I think i have parts from my academy Mh 60 s still. Would that work?
  10. Thanks Bill. He took 400 hundred photos. I havent seen them yet. Glad to hear u like the build.
  11. i was thinking about the Lynx. Need a break from building. will enter the Seahawk in contest here in Los Angeles to see how it does.
  12. this is looking good. Will you be adding FODs covers? where is the front seat?
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