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  1. I am still learning how to do it right. Heres what i am trying to achieve.
  2. Repainted filters and tried modulation technique.. i also tried the decals on my scrap piece to see how they work...they go down really nice.
  3. Yeah. I agree the sonar rig is an interesting Navy equipment.
  4. I have lost all my research photos on the sonar rig attached to the side of my helo(it lowers the torpedo \/somar), I cant even remember the name of it. Help.
  5. You are the only modeler i know who is making the tail rotor spin as well as the main rotor. Thats is truly amazing modeling. What a great idea. Oliver
  6. looking really good. I like the cables inside. Can your small fingerprint be cleaned up a bit? I do like the red/ gold on it.
  7. Andrew, I got the 3D wheels from Shapeways and I debating installing a rod in either in the wheels or in the wheel support itself.
  8. Kike, Thanks for taking the time to speak your mind and your share your views. I am amazed that people who criticize other modelers regarding of the subject or scale are often the ones that dont build very much and are afraid of new ideas, kind of a narrow minded attitude in my opinion. If they would spend as much time working on their modeling skills as they do criticizing others I am sure we would see some amazing progress from them. I dont know WAAKo007 but looking back few years I have heard his song before and it goes nowhere, i would love to see his projects so I can comment on them but as i expected, he is all bark and no show, typical armchair quarterback modeler. Gino has helped me in the past with research photos and I do thank him for that, but as far as his comments are concerned, Gino is Gino, you have to take him with a grain of salt. I have been down this road before and yes it gets old at times but the joy of modeling and sharing ideas with other modelers, keeps me going daily. A model is a modelers creation no matter the color, style, subject or building practice, accuracy or not. The conversation between Accuracy and What if builds will never end so keep building on how u envisioned it. No-one can take away your vision, ever. Oliver
  9. Les pauvres cons resterons toujours cons. ca ne changera jamais . Not planning to change anything the way i do things.
  10. the Flir will be at the bottom, My build is not done so take a take seat and chill.
  11. Of course you would step into this discussion. Have at it my friend.
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