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  1. Both sets are Attack Squadron long time not available. Only option is AWC or Grand Models
  2. Advanced is referring to all airframes block 50/52 that was delivered after 2005 to overseas users. So "+" make sense to marking these jets as different from USAF ones. Greeks also use 52M aircraft which are different to 52+ in their AF inventory.
  3. That's interesting 🤔 Iraqi AF also use Mirage F.1 equiped with Russian Ch-29L A2G rockets. Israelis use R-3 rockets captured from Egypt on their Mirage IIIC.
  4. CAT4 have a great resin stuff for early Scooters CAT4 A-4 Skyhawk
  5. Thanks for the list 👍 So it's plenty of room for Jeffrey K. resin stuff 😅
  6. Any suggestions about what's bad things and how bad is overall
  7. Outstanding builds ! You're Mirage 2000 rocks 💪
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