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  1. Pretty awesome results, what number is it, there appear to be a few of these in different colours.
  2. This is the pic the artist used, and here is the link to the discussion. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235009597-148-sukhoi-su-30mkk-flanker-g-by-hobbyboss-released/
  3. Very nice work, it will be good if you put this up in the 'display case' area where it will get a lot of views. Super job.
  4. I too think it's an odd looking picture, but a chap did an overlay on another forum and it all matches up, maybe just not the best picture to oick to convey the looks of this plane.
  5. Indeed, not the typical state, but not unheard of or impossible.
  6. Looking good, it's funny how big the single seater looks! Nice work.
  7. Parabat


    Superb work, that looks brilliant.
  8. Go for it, it's always nice to see SAAF model.
  9. Martin, this sounds superb! Keep up the good work, this is going to be good.
  10. Ha ha ha, goodness that was quick! Looking good, hope to see this in the ready for inspection soon!
  11. That's a great result, any more pictures?
  12. Excellent job, that's really something else!
  13. My first bit of advice would be to have a look at as many pictures of the real deal as possible, in different angles and light conditions . The reason there is a greenish cast to the windscreen is because it is laminated, so being thicker, takes a green hue at certain angles and light conditions . I mistakenly painted a windscreen blue once, now I use a thinned clear green to try and replicate the laminated glass.
  14. Phenomenal model, that just looks so realistic and expertly done, bravo.
  15. I refer you to my previous post. Danny has a business to run, not an enthusiasts charity! Buy a 2nd edition and use that.
  16. Ha ha, the man has a business to run, not an enthusiasts site! In his own words, it will add a few more pages to older F-14A cockpit pics and will have some definition sorting out of other pics. Make hay while the sun shines, seel your used copy at a massive profit (while the masses don't realise there will be a 2nd edition) and buy the 2nd edition. Simple.
  17. To put it plainly, yes I do take the time to research load outs and time/date appropriate weapons. That's one of the reasons I joined ARC. I have seen other people who just put on any bit of weaponry whether platform or date appropriate or not, because they like the look. Each to their own I suppose.
  18. That certainly looks impressive, nice to see it inflight. Excellent job on the camo and weathering.
  19. Great pictures, thanks for taking and posting these up.
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