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  1. From what I have heard/read it was one, the one they modified as a 'Super Phantom' with PW1120 engines. However, I seem to recall pictures of that one with the gun-fairing intact so take your pick :)
  2. A webshop here in Denmark charges $13.45 for shipping, no matter what you order (I believe). Didn't read the fine print properly and got myself stuck with that price for 2 decal sheets roughly 1½ times the size of a credit card each. ;)
  3. Well, I had forgotten that I had ordered the combo-sheet, so I was pleasantly surprised when it showed up. I also felt a bit un-easy, because I couldn't recall if I had payed or not! I had tho'. Still waiting for placement guides tho'
  4. Simon, don't forget the GB prize you owe Julien.
  5. Got my stuff today, so thanks to Simon for that. The deal is now concluded. :o
  6. I have recieved proof of posting and track & trace confirms a parcel arriving in Denmark today. Let's see monday then, but things are looking up. :)
  7. Then kindly blur out my address, just leave in my name and country
  8. Well, both of them have been in contact with me to sort this mess. Let's see if I end up with £80 for my troubles! :blink: As Chuck says, stay tuned.
  9. Well, I'll see how this plays out then. You'll get my addy when I don't hear anything else from your son. I'll even accept the £40, not that I ever expect to recieve them from either of you.How nice, mother and son having the same favourite USN squadron, makes one all misty-eyed. :D
  10. Yes.Except I know him as Simon Love. Bastard still owes me at least £50. Sorry mate, you're not gonna see any money/kit/anything from him.
  11. Interesting that the paints are in the FS-range and not BS381c/BS4800.
  12. Diameter is 16.5in and the wingspan (finspan? :blink: ) is 23.5in according to my sources, which is very close, in 1/72, to the dia of a Hase 19-shot rocket pod
  13. On the picture I've seen (haven't a clue where), the Mk.82s were on a TER in slant-two configuration on the outer and lower points, with the Sidewinder on its normal rail inboard.I've also seen several pictures of Navy/Marines Rhinos with three bombs on a TER (Rockeyes or Mk.77s, can't recall any Mk.82s) and both Sidewinders, but the Navy/Marine/RAF/RN pylon and rails were different from the USAF ones.
  14. I used this for dimensions. I also found a drawing somewhere with a rear-view of the fins with dimensions.Eventually, they'll be going on a mid-80's 14sqd bird.
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