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  1. Hi all, I'm currently building a KLU F-16 and I was thinking about displaying it in the form of one of those promo-type shots, with all the crew stood in front of the aircraft. anyone know where I might chance upon 1/32 figures that could make passable NATO pilots and ground crew? Thanks!
  2. that would be quite grand of you, throw me a PM
  3. Hi all, I've just been looking at resurrecting an old project that's been sitting in a drawer for years... I've got two 1/72 Hase F-16Cs and F-15Cs that I want to turn into Nellis Aggressors, in the style of the attached pic. Does anyone know where I can get 64th/5th Aggressor decals in 1/72?
  4. actually thinking aloud, I've also been wanting to build a RNLAF Solo Display jet recently, would the A to AM mod be any easier?
  5. methinks my bargain looks a bit less of a bargain now :lol: cheers for the input folks, I shall have a muse on the path to take...
  6. Hi all, I've been wanting to build a large-scale Arctic Aggressor F-16 for a while now, and I've managed to pick up a 1/32 Hasegawa F-16A kit for cheap on eBay. simple question, what am I going to need to do to mod it into a C block 30? Thanks!
  7. Hi all, Finally got around to a project I've had in mind for years and picked up a 1/32 F-16 kit to turn into an Eielson Arctic Bandit... only to find that TwoBobs no longer do the decals! Anyone have any floating around or know where they might be found? Help much appreciated!
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