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  1. I am still here. Just dont have time because of a big project at work Richard
  2. I am still here. Just dont have time because of a big project at work Richard
  3. Good job on the cockpit lindsay. Richard
  4. No updates. I am in Alaska taking a cruise with my wife. Richard
  5. You are doing a hell of a job Oliver. Can't wait to see the results. Richard
  6. Thanks Oliver...i will try....lol Richard
  7. Well as you guys can see...I lost my MOJO with this build. If I had everything to start my MH-60S build, I would have put this kit on hold...but I do not. SO....I started the construction again. This time I started the main rotor and its parts: After painting the parts with Flat Black, I then started dry brushing the parts with white: Then I started to put the main rotor part together: I am still not done with the main rotor parts. I started the main rotor assembly and put it together on the roof: And now the main rotor parts are together (not all of them) next to the part that the main rotor will connect to: That is all that I have done so far.....I have to get my MOJO BACK! Richard
  8. I just did a dap, but i will let the experts tell you about the ammo box, colors etc. They were the ones that helped me with my DAP. Richard
  9. I know that MRC is the US distributor for Academy models (www.modelrectifier.com). Their address is: 80 newfield avenue, Edison NJ 08837-3817. Their phone number is 732 225 2100. I would contact them and give them the sprue number for the pieces that you need and I think they will be able to help you. Richard
  10. Hey Norbert, when are the seated pilots going to be ready in 1/35 scale? Richard
  11. Thats the real deal Erick. Keep pressing on! Richard
  12. I just joined a model club called the "Red Flag scale modellers." Does your club have a facebook page or a website? I would like to see more about the club. Richard
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