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  1. I am still here. Just dont have time because of a big project at work Richard
  2. I am still here. Just dont have time because of a big project at work Richard
  3. Good job on the cockpit lindsay. Richard
  4. No updates. I am in Alaska taking a cruise with my wife. Richard
  5. You are doing a hell of a job Oliver. Can't wait to see the results. Richard
  6. Thanks Oliver...i will try....lol Richard
  7. Well as you guys can see...I lost my MOJO with this build. If I had everything to start my MH-60S build, I would have put this kit on hold...but I do not. SO....I started the construction again. This time I started the main rotor and its parts: After painting the parts with Flat Black, I then started dry brushing the parts with white: Then I started to put the main rotor part together: I am still not done with the main rotor parts. I started the main rotor assembly and put it together on the roof: And now the main rotor parts are together (not all of them) next to the part that the main rotor will connect to: That is all that I have done so far.....I have to get my MOJO BACK! Richard
  8. I just did a dap, but i will let the experts tell you about the ammo box, colors etc. They were the ones that helped me with my DAP. Richard
  9. I know that MRC is the US distributor for Academy models (www.modelrectifier.com). Their address is: 80 newfield avenue, Edison NJ 08837-3817. Their phone number is 732 225 2100. I would contact them and give them the sprue number for the pieces that you need and I think they will be able to help you. Richard
  10. Hey Norbert, when are the seated pilots going to be ready in 1/35 scale? Richard
  11. Thats the real deal Erick. Keep pressing on! Richard
  12. I just joined a model club called the "Red Flag scale modellers." Does your club have a facebook page or a website? I would like to see more about the club. Richard
  13. Thanks kike. All of your guys support will help me with this kit...lol. Richard
  14. I dont have a macro lens for my camera yet. If I want close up pictures, I use my camera on my phone and that is the samsung note 4. It really takes great pictures. Richard
  15. I will do that Oliver, thank you for the suggestion. Richard
  16. Thanks Gino. With this helicopter, it takes patience. Too damn small...lol Richard
  17. Now I was about to say F*&K the Kiowa....... , and putting the kit in its box for another day. But, I grabbed a Heineken and took some time away from the kit, and then I got back into it. I am not a quitter......lol. So then I glued the IP, the cyclics and the glare shield to the cockpit and it turned out alright. Now I remember what Floyd wrote on the Kiowa and he recommended that we put the glare shield in after we put the cockpit into the fuselage, or we will have some problems with the windshield. To tell you the truth, I FORGOT that fact.......:BANGHEAD2: ! SO I decided to test the cockpit in the fuselage to see if I will have any problems with the windshield. There was no windshield problems But I can see why Floyd talked about the glare shield and the windshield because if I had it one cm to the left, I would have had problems with it. But now looking at the cockpit thru the windshield, I will need to cover up the extra weight that I had added to the middle console because you can see the weight thru the windshield. I will cover it up with some card and paint it black so you cannot see it. More tomorrow. Richard
  18. And I cannot wait when you put in the PE floor. I want to see how that turns out. Looks good so far Erick. Richard
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