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  1. Fantastic! You did a very good job. This diorama shows what happened exactly today, 50 years ago... I like it!
  2. I like this kit and your work! I hope you have the time to finish it. I'm waiting for the next update! 👍 Ralf
  3. Hi ret, you did a fine job! All those panel lines on the CM are very impressive! But - I've never seen before those red rings around the Command Module. Do you have a source for them? Anyway - I like your CSM! Ralf
  4. Thanks, guys! I'm pleased that you like it! 🙂🙃🙂 Ralf
  5. Apollo Saturn V with LUT 1/290 (Countdown Inc. ) Dear Friends, my Apollo stack in 1/290 scale is ready and I want to show you some pictures here. Klick here to see how I built it. Some details: Here is a comparison of what I had, wanted and got: I hope you like i
  6. Here we are: the last step to complete the model is the base. I didn't want to create something complicated. I just wanted to show the complete stack on the crawlerway on its way out to the pad. Something like that: Source: Floridatoday I had a peace of wood, which fits my needs: I filled some gaps, sanded it and airbrushed it gloss grey. On the top I painted pale yellow and green stripes: Finally some sand and grass - and some time to let it dry: Grass, road and vehicles
  7. Thanks, Pete! But wait for the base. If that's ready, I will post better pictures of the completed model. Ralf
  8. This is impressing, Pete! I know, what I'm talking about, as I built some of these old kits in the past. Your scratching and using the foto-etched parts makes a lot more out of it. One question: shouldn't the RCS thrusters looking to the front and to the side be in a right angle? For me it looks as if they aren't. Or is it the foto? Source: Wikipedia Ralf
  9. Pete asked what more I will do: Well, the swing-arm no.9 is still missing! I showed you some updates ago what I planned to do and now it is ready and glued to the tower. Here is the result: Back side: As usual, I added some more details to the tower. (I have to admit: most of that is pure phantasy) By the way, all the yellow vehicles are scratched from parts in my spare box. One more "tower-down" picture: I'm quite happy with that. So that's nearly all for the "Saturn V with LUT". Las
  10. Many thanks! But that's too much praise! I just do my best to let it look like a real Saturn V. Here is a picture of the rocket in comparison with a pen before the final painting: The radiators are made of tiny pieces of a special duct tape called "Putzerband" in german. ("plasterer tape") The tape has little flutes in it and I use it to simulate the tubes of the radiators. Here is a detailed Picture: Ralf
  11. Repainting the Saturn V: This is what the Rocket looked like, when I bought it: The black is not painted but thick rubber-decals. So are all the other decals with text and flags: The Command-Module was poorly glued: I did not change the LES, but filled the gap and repainted the CSM: After that I removed the original decals. I airbrushed it overall gloss white, then I prepaired the rocket for the black fields to be painted: After painting:
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