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Ralf Spacenut

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    Unzenberg Germany
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    Air and Space
  1. Ralf Spacenut

    50th Anniversary of the 1st Lunar Landing?

    I‘d like to participate. Happy new year everybody! Ralf
  2. Ralf Spacenut

    Apollo 13 Revell 1/48

    Making someone smile is more than I expected! I'm on your side - modelling this way is the most fun. It changes the way you look at ordinary things! I have always in my mind: "Maybe I can use it for my project?" And the output is always unique! Ralf
  3. Ralf Spacenut

    Apollo 13 Revell 1/48

    Hi Friends, I once bought a bunch of old models to use them for spare parts and - forgot them mostly. Last summer I found a case with these parts: In a moment of euphoria I decided to build an Apollo 13 full stack out of this by scratching all the missing parts: no aftermarket, no parts of other (Revell Apollo) Kits. This is my result: Ok - the decals are those of spacemodelsystems, but I had them in stash and didn't buy them for this project. Sorry for the poor pictures, there was no sunshine for weeks here... If you are interested in the story of building it, look HERE (modellboard.net, website in german!). Hope you like it! Ralf