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  1. Hi all, I have the MC B-52H early version and a couple of the 1/72 Black Dog AGM-28 Hound Dog missiles. Anyone have any ideas as to what pylon I can use to mount them? Appreciate any help. Thanks.
  2. Hi Kito, looking good my friend. I can't wait to see what the first cast looks like after it comes out of the molds. How is the molding process going? Cheers.
  3. Here's a good photo of the Hanna in port with no aircraft onboard. I hope this helps you out.Fligh deck markings appear the same as Midway's which are the current standard.
  4. You quote" Out of all the airline crashes in the last few decades, the vast majority has been due to negligence by the flight crew" Ever stop to think why? Airline companies are cutting costs to the bone to stay alive. This includes pilots working beyond their flightime, inexperienced pilots due to companies offering low wages. If you pay peanuts, you get Monkeys. Cutting maintenance or extend it past the required schedules, FAA has a lot to answer for also for not enforcing the regs. The aircrew in the 777 you mentioned I agree were just plain stupid and should be held accountable to the max. I would rather take my chance with an AC in command than a fully automated flight system. Remember the Airbus demo where the pilot could not override the computer and it flew him into the trees while doing a demo flight? All computers systems fails sooner or later.
  5. What you are doing is a great idea! I will be following along as you go.Paerhaps if you can pick up a 32 scale F-86 cockpit and then just enlarge the parts would help. It would give you a 3D perspective and what you must add. Cheers
  6. The EA-6B was only fitted with GRU-7 seats when in service. The A-6 was the only aircraft to use the GRU-5 seat. The GRU-5 seat is an entirely different seat than the GRU-7 seat. They had a a different parachute pack, softpacks and the seat frame wrapped around the parachute similar to the early F-4 seats,seat container was also different than the GRU-7 as were the harness assemblies etc, etc. The GRU-7 Seat in the A-6E was fitted on the production line in around 1972-3 and has a different headbox as it is slightly more narrow than the GRU-7's fitted to the F-14 and has only a single loop firing handle fitted to the headbox. I know this as I worked on GRU-7's in both the A-6 and F-14 and the NACES seat program for the F-14D.The GRU-7 seat in the A-6 if you look closely has reinforced ribs on the side of the heardbox towards the back and small canopy piecers for ejection through the canopy where the F-14 GRU-7 does not.The pilots GRU-7 in the A-6E also had an recline switch so you could recline the seat back somewhat! Other than that GRU-7 seats are identical. At Alemeda NARF in the early ninties we were still fitting the green ribbed/padded cushions to the GRU-7 A-6E seats as they came through for rework. These were made of Cotton/Nomex where the very first ones from Martin Baker were nylon/nomex as you can some time see in very early photos of GRU-7 seats as they look shiny.The original cushions had air circulated through them from a two hoses attached to the seat bucket. HTH
  7. That's it, I'm switchin to acrylics!
  8. Hi Kito, thanks for the update. It is coming along really great!! I agree with you and like beehive number 2 as it looks closer to the original. The hull is looking really nice and you have done a lot of work and it all looks wonderful. Great job so far and you have made much progress since the last update. So you will make a fibreglass mold for the hull and cast it up using normal fibreglassing techniques? Great Idea using some of the Dragon flightdeck blast deflectors in 1/144 scale and the flightdeck is really looking nice. Do you have the detail and scale book on the Enterprise?If there is anything I can help you with please send me a message. I can't wait to see more as you progress. Cheers.
  9. Hi Kito, thanks for the update and I cannot wait to see your photos.I'm really happy you spent more time on the beehive as it is really a difficult part to get right and I'm sure you did a great job on it. Cheers!
  10. There's hope after all. The Aires 1/32 F-8 Crusader exhaust tube and nozzle will fit the Trumpeter F-105D. They are basically the same engine. I hope this helps you out. Cheers.
  11. Any progress with this build? I'd love to see more Kito. Cheers,
  12. I have two ways of producing the ejection handles. 1) I paint one length of soft copper wire yellow and the another length black. While the paint is soft I twist them together to get the desired effect. After I coat them with future or similar and then a flat clear. 2) I use very fine nylon thread in yellow and one in black and then twist them together. I coat them the same way afterwards, Future and then a flat clear coat. Either way will work but it will take a few tries. HTH, Cheers.
  13. Good to see you back! Great progress and the photoetch looks good. I think the bow looks fine so do not sweat the small details too much ootherwise it will never get finished.I'm liking everything I see and will buy one as soon as you finish the molds. Really excellent work! Cheers,
  14. Yuri61

    Help Request

    I think Shep Paine built one of these for his P-61 Black Widow Diorama. I think it is also included in his boook " How to Build Dioramas" It maybe worth a look. HTH
  15. This article will help you the most. Yes use acrylics first as a primer then you can paint with enamels and or oils. http://www.starshipmodeler.com/basics/lj_vinyl.htm
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