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  1. It's big. I still have no idea where mine is going when I'm done. I'm afraid I'll have to build a sturdy wooden case to store it away. I had to buy a card table just to lay out the sprues so I could work on it.
  2. Rex, thanks. Good to know. I've been eyeballing one for a while. Not sure if it's the exact same model...guess not if you're saying it's been discontinued. After my last hobby compressor went out I got a pancake type with a 3 gallon tank from Home Depot. I used it for a little over a year. It was loud as hell but it worked. I just couldn't take it anymore though, so I bought another hobby compressor, but the L pipe from the tank to the regulator cracked from over tightening, so now I'm shopping for something that will hopefully last a little longer.
  3. I was lukewarm on the kit because I wanted to build a D first, but Furball is making it interesting. I could dig doing the Tophatter scheme.
  4. I'm seriously interested in the California Air Tools compressor. I've had yet another hobby compressor fail on me, and I can't do the regular shop compressor thing. I have one, I tried, it's too loud.
  5. There's nothing wrong with the panel lines on the Mig-31. They are perfect IMO...you don't have to worry about a wash holding. I think it's funny everyone complains about the panel lines but everyone goes out of their way to preshade them to death and draw as much attention to them as they can with caricature painting and weathering.
  6. I'm currently building the Kingfisher and it's the worst modern kit I've ever built by a mile. I have every bit of faith in the accuracy of the design by those involved, but where I loose faith is when it gets passed to the folks that have to turn that into a model kit. I expect stupid parts breakdown and engineering decisions, poor fit, mismatched location pin and alignment hole sizes, sloppy sprue gates, and weak flimsy small parts. I'm more than open to being proved wrong, but I'm not too hopeful. However, this is one of those subjects where I'll likely just have to suffer through it to b
  7. I got so excited when I saw the Iranian markings. I initially wasn't interested in the kit since I'd rather build a D right now, but that got me thinking I might actually tackle this one.... ...then I remembered I'm not using Tamiya decals...has anyone covered Iranian Tomcats in the aftermarket?
  8. Got all excited...then realized it was Kitty Hawk.
  9. I think this is honestly the most absurd statement I've seen in a long time regarding this hobby; and that's saying something. The Internet is what's keeping the hobby alive. No LHS can offer the diversity of product we all demand, and they can't match prices either...even after shipping. That's the reality, and most sane people seek the best prices, or bargain, for their money. They don't hold on to this silly "I must support the LHS" baloney...because it's just that...baloney. If you want to drive to the LHS and pay 20% up mark though that's your right. However, I have one friend who r
  10. Slide molded intakes...no seams...this just keeps getting better and better.
  11. Why the actual $* was anyone concerned about the colors used on the CAD? Like seriously, this forum just likes to find stuff to moan about. Anyone with half a brain would know why the colors are what they are in the CAD, and would know that AMK would be able to get something that basic correct in the kit...ie. clear canopies. Some of you are really jumping the shark here.
  12. The only thing I can help with is the un-drilled holes. I've done this before, and I've had luck holding the wings up to a strong light. Usually you can see the spot where the drill guides are because the plastic is thinner. Just locates those and you can drill from the outside.
  13. I can't believe I'm about to pull out the ole "use modeling skills" thing...but.... I personally like the canopy design and see no problem with it. I can detail the...umm rather detailed...frame piece without worry of marring the clear pieces. I can then drop the clear parts in with a nice application of Tamiya Extra Thin and be done with it. I've seen that AMK is thoughtful in their gate design and location, and I'm confident their engineering will ensure the pieces are as high quality as possible.
  14. The website is still a work in process. The shipping stacking is an error, and being worked on (it may be fixed already actually). Wingnut said free shipping was ending long ago, and now it's here. Rest assured that you'd be paying a lot more if you were ordering directly from NZ and paying shipping. Just like the reality of ordering most anything else in this hobby, you now have to pay shipping. They are also only using UPS for estimates at the moment. Shipping on similar sized items would probably be closer to $13 from USPS. I do believe they are also working on adding other shipping optio
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