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  1. All of these are great ideas! I have been thinking about using something like pillow stuffing... aka poly-fil to cushion the models in the boxes. Looking at this post also.... http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=255441 I like the idea of notching out the boxes and suspending them from the wings, that might work well also as we are moving roughly 60 miles. All will be secured in a U-Haul or my personal truck.
  2. Good afternoon folks. My family and I are purchasing our first house soon. No more rent!! Anyways, I have prob. close to 35 1/48 scale aircraft in display cases. I was wondering if you all could suggest some ways to safely transport them to the new house. I would hate to get there and find a massive pile of broken aircraft. Thanks for any assistance folks!
  3. Recently purchased an old kit from my local hobby store.... unfortunately the instructions were missing. Would anyone by some chance happen to have or be able to scan a set of instructions for this.. Monogram SBD Dauntless Kit # 6830
  4. Yep, I am also there frequently.... They are the last of the hobby shops around... I have not yet found another with a decent selection
  5. DO you all know of any semi-close matches in Model Masters for the Dark Ghost and Light Ghost?
  6. I picked it up at my local hobby shop here in Baton Rouge... I have done a few hasegawa kits in the past. Luckily I have some left over weapons from some other kits in the stash I can use for it.... once I figure out this damned paint...lol..
  7. Hey folks, Just picked up the Hasegawa F/A-18C in 1/48. It calls for FS36320 Dark Ghost Gray and FS36375 Light Ghost Gray. I presently use the rattle can approach to my modeling as it is just a personal preference. I am now seeing that Model Masters does not show these two colors available as sprays. I have read that the Tamiya equivelent is not accurate in shade/hue. Do you all have any suggestions on proper substitutions in the Model Master line or any suggestions on what to use for these two shades in spray form?
  8. Hey folks.... I am presently building the Academy 1/48 F-15E kit... newest version... The kit includes PE formation/slime lights. My question is... since there are no formation light decals in this kit, just the PE, what do I do as far as painting these to make them close to the proper color? I know of no paint in this color, not am I familiar with a decal kit for the f-15 formation lights....
  9. I saw the 48-078 on ebay.... I will watch it, but I am really looking hard for the 48-079 kit..... thats the high viz kit...
  10. Hey folks, presently building the Testors 1/48 SR-71..... Well, come to find out, these damned decals in the box must be old as sin as they have all disintergrated upon contact with water..... I am looking for a set of decals for this bird. I am in need of Both Afterburner Decals decal sets for this bird. I need Pt. 1 - 48-078 Pt. 2- 48-079
  11. Hey folks, does anyone know of a canopy mask for the Revell 1/48 Avenger? I have seen them for other manufacturers kits, but nothing specific to the Revell kit.
  12. Hey folks. I recently uncovered an old kit of mine that was started and long forgotten. I have the Hobbycraft F4U Birdcage PN HC1525. I seem to have somehow misplaced the entire engine and cowling for the kit. Does anyone know of or happen to have a spare or replacement? or am I just looking at needing to replace the entire kit? Thanks folks!
  13. Hey folks, I am presently building the Revell 1/48 B-17G and had a quick question. From what I have read, several recommend the neutral grey for the belly paint. I still do not have an airbrush and paint using rattle cans and MM does not carry a neutral grey in a rattle can. What would you fine folks recommend for me to get in a rattle can for the grey underside?
  14. Hey folks, does anyone still have or know of a source for printable display bases? The thread pinned at the top of this section no longer has working links since the displays are now for sale through another company. Looking for 1/48th scale bases.
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