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  1. wow Nice work! its way better than most first models ....but surely you must have some experience painting-masking ??
  2. Fern


    very nice work
  3. here some pics from box to finish...please tell me what you think thanks Fern
  4. her are some pis of my build of the old Italeri Hertzer ....... Fern
  5. Thantk s for the good words....Bill the model ends up almost 12'' long witch is a farly good size .i think
  6. this is my take on the old MPC(aifix) 1-72 Eagle transporter from the old TV series SPACE 1999. i painted it so to show a fictional Yellow medical pod ....hope you like it Fern
  7. this model depicts aircraft no spad VII S254 ''le vieux Charles''... iv not been on this this site for many years ..ive started to model again and once again out of the box hope you like it Fern
  8. Airfix 1-72 SPADVII.......This aircraft was used by the ace Georges Guynemer untill 1917,totalizing 18 victories,16 probable with it
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