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  1. I'm a little late to the party but I'd be interested. I've got three of the AMT kits waiting in the wings, so I could use a few.
  2. The new EX's bring a proven airframe to the fight without having to send maintainers back to tech school for 6-9 months and completely revamp the support infrastructure to support the new airframes. We're talking about a minimal impact to AGE support and minimal impact to the logistics supply chain. They also won't have to extensively train new pilots because they're probably already pretty familiar with the F-15 platform. Not to mention that you're not having to invest tons of man-hours into maintaining a 40 year old airframe. And finally, they can be churned out faster than the F-35, becaus
  3. I would just love to have a 552nd AECW bird. Every single one of the decals that have been produced for USAF birds have been 551st. They're great decals, I'm just biased to 552nd stuff due to family ties.
  4. I could be completely wrong here but I think I remember the Polish jets having ASPJ. They wouldn't fly with ECM pods with ASPJ. Its already built in to the airframe.
  5. I would love to see an updated 1/72 T-38 Talon sheet.
  6. Thanks Bruce! I would’ve never caught that.
  7. Let me know if you want any pictures or if you have any questions.
  8. I recently bought the kit and I’ve been pretty impressed. It’s expensive, I got mine from SprueBrothers during their sale but it’s light years ahead of the old Testors kit. Accuracy wise, it looks spot on. My Dad used to work the B-2 SPO at Tinker and from what I can remember from the open houses, the bomb bays and cockpits are accurate. Plastic is a little thick and there are not mounting tabs for the cockpit module. I did a dry fit and it goes together rather well. It’ll need filler but not too terribly much. The only con that I see, is that the plastic is a little thin on the forward leadin
  9. Awesome! Thank you very much! PS I have you E-3 Sentry decals! Wish I could find more, they’re awesome.
  10. Thank you very much for the reply! This clears things up immensely! I’ll research the antennas but I should be golden! Nice looking bird btw! I love Mildenhall stuff!
  11. Hey y'all, I just picked up the 1/72nd Heller C-135FR and I'd like to build up a USAF KC-135R. From my understanding, the French built up KC-135A's to the C-135FR standard. It looks as if they've got the CFM-56's and the R model stabs and vertical stabilizers. With that being said, what are the external differences between the KC-135R and the C-135FR? Are there any? Is it just a designation thing? Thanks for the help!
  12. I've got the NKC-135 and the KC-135A, if that route doesn't work.
  13. Two-Bobs B-2 Decals! The Modelcollect B-2 came in the day before with some Storm Trooper armor!
  14. Well, I thought that there wasn’t but after going up and checking my kit, there is It needs a little bit of work to remove a few items off of it, but it’ll be fine for what I need.
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