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  1. Hello Chris, my suggestion: - 1/32 RF-8 ( conversion for Trumpeter 1/32 ) PS: do you ever think about 1/32 cessna ( without much interior details ) regards Rafael
  2. Hi Bekim... A Su-34 in 1/32 would be a really nice bird... how much is too expensive... cheers my friend Rafael
  3. Hi guys, I would like to scratch build a bomb trailer put a gbu-28 on... any pics, info? regards Rafael Winter
  4. Hello guys... thank you for your words... this has been a slow project cause my sparse time... Yes, I will try to make the master be able to make some copies... let see the rear wheel and tire was scratch built and are ready... next will be the front wheel BTW1: someone has some pics or info about others israeli air force ground equipments .... BTW2: the next gorund equipment will be NC-8 power unit BTW3: can't wait until start the NESHER cheers Rafael Winter
  5. Hello, this will be a long time project cause I will scratch build some stuffs together with Nesher . I'm planning a diorama with Nesher, tow tractor and bomb trolley... maybe some more things.. some pics: Nesher with Isracast conversion and Mirage Harold's seat: my scratch build Clark CT40 Tow tractor of the Israel Air Force... some more progress soon cheers Rafael Winter
  6. Hi guys... I am trying to collect some informations for a future project... but can't find the width of the fuselage of the hermes 450. some drawings maybe? thank you for your help.. cheers Rafael
  7. Hi, I may have some pics could help you... Maybe you have some of them but... let me know your email ... I will ask for some pics here in Brazil's forums... regards Rafael Winter
  8. Hello Guys, I'm thinking to build a israeli F-15D but would like to use a revell's kit as base once tamiya is much more expensive. Has Revell's F-15 shape incorrections who become it useless for this purpose? thank you so much Rafael Winter
  9. Great News !!!!! I just hope Isradecal/Ibex deal with PAYPAL.... :( cheers Now give me a 1/32 Texan II Rafael Winter
  10. Please I am thinking in scratchbuilt a Beechcraft Queen Air bur can't find good drawings or cross sections drawings. any help will be very welcome Rafael Winter
  11. WOW, Isn't the R-27 missile body white? I'm in time to change my color reference... cheers Rafael Winter
  12. Hello Pierre, It's really good to hear from you again. nice build as well.. cheers my friend Rafael Winter
  13. I would love to build a X-32 too ( BTW any drawing with cross sections ? ) cheers Rafael Winter
  14. please make a 1/32 surprise... Rafael
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