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  1. David, the Sabres have been done considerably over the years, but I don't think the Silver Star has. I recall an old sheet (by ?) some 20-25 years ago but I don't think anyone has release a Golden Hawks T-33 since then (I don't think Leading Edge has ever released one). I may be wrong however (that does happen quite a bit). I would certainly buy one !!!


  2. Fundekals have a similar set up, and it seems to work well. I know that if I could order EVERYTHING needed for one scheme (specific markings on one sheet, stencils/national insignia on a generic sheet) I'd order a-plenty.

    Kursad, after buying your excellent ANG F-4 and T-33 sheets, I find myself wanting to build several of the schemes on the sheets. If you were able to sell the generic markings seperately, that would be great !

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