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  1. Thank you both BigA and Nerding. Sprue Brothers, and Squadron, huh? I will look them up. I’m sure I will learn as I get into this more. Obviously I’ve never heard of either of these. I just saw that there are some guys selling privately on this site. Wasn’t sure how that worked or how WELL that actually worked. Again experience will tell and I appreciate the input.
  2. Where I live there are no hobby shops. At the present price of gas I have no desire to drive a 100 miles in hope that X hobby shop might have what I want. I can’t imagine that I am the only one in this situation, so I want to ask, Where is the best online place to shop? Consider merchandise, price and speed of delivery. Models, paint, general supplies, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks! Grayeagle
  3. Yesterday, as I checked into with the GENERAL DISCUSSION group to introduce myself, I informed the readers that as a newly retired (old person) I bought a Monogram 1/25 '56 Chevy Bel Air as my break-in model. They sent me here for advise, and it didn't take long after looking over the model to hit this group. The kit comes with a large tree of so called "chrome" parts that really look cheap and ugly. Is there anything an inexperienced guy like me can do to make this "chrome" look more "life-like"? I will thank you in advance. Micahel Grayeagle
  4. #1 Greywolf Thanksfor the welcome. I’m not sure, if you posted this or if you are the one who edited it before it landed on the server? Please, you don’t have to feel inferior for being Air Force.Someone has to stay home and watch the children. :rolleyes:/> Onlykidding. My best friend is ex-Air Force if there ever is an “X†military. I don’t really think so, but that’s me.
  5. Thanks XAVi84. Pilotor crew? Keep’ em flyin’.
  6. Thanks for the welcome Phantom. Remember I did imply thatthis was my “cherry.â€
  7. Vince, bottle is here. Whjat I don't have is a clean glass.:rolleyes:/> Thanks for the welcome
  8. ChippyWho – Thanks for the welcome. A whole model? Wow! Welldone, you busy guy, you. Thanks again. :P/>
  9. Thanks for the welcome Holmes. I agree. Enough talk let's take the damn village. Lenape - huh - Lápi knewëlch
  10. Thanksfor the welcome. I'm still trying to get set up in my "Man cave." Iretired from the corporate office of a national retail drug store chain. I wasin communications there and I was in communications in the Navy. My time in was '62 - '68. As to othermodels, I have some war planes here and a the Constellation (1:180) that I wouldlike to tacklewhen I get a little more experience. Thanks a again for welcoming me aboard. Iwill finish stowing my gear, and get down to work. Hope we talk again soon.
  11. I’m not sure where then “New Guy’s†or “Hello’s†page is, but I’m sure the Moderator will send me there if this isn’t it.I retired recently and I am bored to death. Used to do “models†when I was younger and the brilliant idea entered my head“Why not try it again, now that I have my entire future ahead of me?†(Kind of sad ain’t it, but I’m sure there are others of you out there just like me). I just purchased Monograms ’56 Chevy Bell Air. Why? You guessed it. That was all I could afford when I came out of the Navy in ’68. What I am suppose to do with this model
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