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  1. Yes, that’s what I normally use, but I have spilt it twice, ruining some models.
  2. Is it safe to put hardware store Lacquer into an empty Vallejo airbrush cleaner bottle? My Hardware Lacquer comes in a tin, but other hobby lacquers come in plastic. Is it safe to do? Or would it eat the plastic.
  3. Did you do anything special for the male plug? Or just used the kit canopy as is?
  4. I bought a new dental vacuum former, and I’m just wondering what you have vacuformed? Most know you can do canopies, and sometimes doors, but what else? Has anyone made moulds?
  5. I’m Looking to buy or trade 1/72 Lancaster, mkii Hercules decals. I’m willing to buy, or trade, I have the following full set to offer.
  6. I probably have some, but I don’t know if their hasegawa
  7. I’d be interested in purchasing, if that’s an option. dave
  8. I’m 95% sure I have them, but they’ll be buried in the kit in the stash. Shoot me a msg, i’m only concerned that the pieces might be cost prohibitive to send
  9. Can you share a picture of tanks, and what they may look like? Which kit is it from, I have a couple of the kits
  10. Hey guys, I’m confused. a few months ago I made a martlet using the Tamiya F4F-4, AJ148 07-A 888NAS H.M.S. Formidable 1942; I thought it was a mk iv, but now realize it’s a mk ii. Some sources I’ve read say it’s an f4f-4 others say it’s not. Can someone help with the differences? I’m so confused
  11. Heyo, I’m looking to buy some Squadron, Signal, walk around books, w/ shipping to Ontario, Canada, Paid via PayPal G&S. I am looking for mainly Allied, and German a/c, as well as f-4 phantom and skyraiders, w/ some other randoms as well. I have the following: B-17 Walk around B-17 B-17 In action B-25 Walk around B-29
  12. Sorry guys, but I’m so confused… Can I use the academy b-24j, to make a b-24h Aries?
  13. I might have them, can you screen shot and highlight/circle the ones you need. I used the German markings. dave
  14. I might have the kit, if you want I could send you a photo copy of it, and you could trace it and cut one out from scrap? dave.
  15. WTB: Luftwaffe Fighters magazine, as pictured. Shipped to L0R1E0 in Canada.
  16. So dumb question here: I have the Tamiya M4 Sherman, I’d like to make it into an easy 8, firefly, or a mk iii or v, as I found colour schemes of those with roundels on the manlet or rear deck. What do you guys think is the best route? I want to make it R/C, and am not big into armour or accuracies in this case. I found some barrels, but don’t know if it will work, as I think it’s for a different make. Any thoughts are appreciated, Dave
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