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  1. Thank you saltydog and Scaremonger. I am not a professional photographer, I help myself with daylight and poster or better the nature. The camera is a Panasonic DMC-FZ45 set to automatic. Postprocessing must still be done. For this I take the freeware Photoscape. It is like modeling - it takes time to find his "tools". Dieter
  2. @ Wolf_el_Real and Aigore Thank`s a lot. :) Dieter
  3. Thanks a lot to both of you. Dieter
  4. Original image Maybe a little bit. It's hard to find the right angle. I oriented myself on Radom.(I think these stripes are the lightning rod) For me its ok. Thank you and Spad for your comments. Dieter
  5. My compliment. The Sufa looks great. And the cockpit I find very well done . Dieter
  6. Ah, now I know. I also have pictures of his other perfect models seen. Pure Realism. To make it better is probably impossible. Thank you for the information. Dieter
  7. Thanks for the information and your praise. Dieter
  8. Another masterpiece. My dream in 1:32........ Dieter
  9. Thank you, but who is G. Wilson? Dieter
  10. Model and pictures are excellent. More please! Dieter
  11. Great model, great pictures. Dieter
  12. Nice to read this. Glad you both like it so well. I find also good. The detailing of the wheel wells was fun and I had nice walkaround photos. :) Thank you all for your interest. Dieter
  13. Many thanks to both of you! Yes, for the Nevada desert it is unusual. I have a few images found , showing some detail work . Dieter
  14. Thanks to all, nice that you like it. :)/> :wave:/> Dieter
  15. Hi Guys, here are some Pictures of my Viper in "Arctic-Scheme". F-16C, Bkl.32, 64th AGRS SQN, Nellis AFB, 2012. Kit: Tamiya "Thunderbirds", 1:32 with Afterburner Decals Additional Parts: A.M.U.R.Reaver - Chaff/Flare Dispensers Aires - AN/ALQ-188 Pod AMS Resin - ACMI Pod Cross Delta - Stiffener Plates Master - Pitot Tube, AoA-Probes Eduard - Ladder Some selfmade Decals and Gunze Colours
  16. I have your pictures compared with the original - the weathering is very, very real. I am very impressed. :thumbsup:/> :clap2:/> :worship:/> :wave:/> Dieter
  17. Well done! :thumbsup:/>/> :thumbsup:/>/> :thumbsup:/>/> :wave:/>/> Dieter
  18. Excellent work . :jaw-dropping:/> :worship:/> :thumbsup:/> :thumbsup:/> :thumbsup:/> :wave:/> Dieter
  19. :thumbsup:/>/> :thumbsup:/>/> :thumbsup:/>/> Great model and of course very good pictures. The detailing and weathering are perfect. In every way a masterpiece. :worship:/> :wave:/> Dieter
  20. And here comes .............. the booooooooone! That was certainly a lot of work to build this giant so outstanding. The detailing and weathering of the shafts is great. The figures I personally find top class. Throughout successful. Congratulations for this masterpiece. :wave:/>/> Dieter
  21. Hard to believe that the model is 1:72. I think you did a great job of an exceptional aircraft. :thumbsup:/>/> Well done! :wave:/>/> Dieter
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