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  1. Ha, I have just noticed how dusty that last picture looks, oops. I don't have a photo update although the Conning tower is mostly done. Unfortunately there won't be another update until about October as my wife and I are moving to China in August and as such have packed our lives away into boxes including all my modelling stuff. I just hope that my carefully packed hull will survive the trip. See you then.
  2. Apart from these pieces I have assembled and painted the hull of the boat using the salt weathering technique in places to add a rust effect. Unfortunately there was some salt left behind which seems to have slightly crazed the coat of future which will need fixing. The rust effect may look a bit harsh at the moment but I am confident it will look good once it is toned down a bit with the final weathering. Anyway that is it for now. I am going to crack on with the conning tower now so i hopefully will have an update on that soon. Thanks, Adam
  3. Although I have not been modelling that much over the past year I have still kept an eye on the forums and in particular Chucks trumpeter A-10 over on the aircraft in progress section. Wow that guy has some skills..... and also some good tips. I decided to give his salt weathering technique a try on this sub to try to add some rust effects in places. As I mentioned previously, I have not been keeping that good a photo-journal of this build for a number of reasons. Mainly since I feel I am still quite an amateur and don't therefore have much to teach, but also that I have found this build ve
  4. Yes i have been bad. I have done very little modelling over the past year as i have lacked the time and more importantly motivation. I have done a couple of small projects but this boat i wanted to get right so i promised i would only build it when my heart was in it. I have returned. Unfortunately i have neglected to take photos of the stages i have made progress with up until now so there will be some holes in the build once i post a proper update (a week or so). Nevertheless i am glad to be back and i hope i can give you an update soon.
  5. Hi, So i have loved subs since i was a kid and i love the idea of building models of them. The more modern subs are somewhat featureless but i am sure that at some point i will build a few. My first sub will be this type 7 which i am a huge fan of.... will probably end up playing huge amounts of Silent hunter 5 and watching Das boot as i build ;)/>/>. Having read some reviews and WiP threads using this kit AND the aftermarket griffon set i can honestly say that i am terrified of the photoetch. nevertheless it will be an experience especially since this is my first boat. I have alrea
  6. Thanks Jim, it feels good to make progress. I built this Emil for a couple of reasons, mainly as i love the plane but also as i built the revell kit a couple of years ago. That was only my second proper build (this is my sixth) and looking back at how proud i was of that one i can say that i have made a lot of progress as a modeller. I just hope to one day be able to emulate some of the outstanding work found here and on other sites.... there is always room for improvement ;) Adam
  7. Hello again, Well it has been a long time since i posted anything and it seems that this WiP thread has not been very comprehensive. I have now basically finished the build (99% just some touches and cowling to finish) and i am quite pleased with the result, although there was a bit of an accident at one point when one of the cats knocked the model and the wing root and seam got cracked. I have some photos that are just taken on my phone and will attempt to take some proper photos with my SLR at some point when im finished. As always all comments are welcome. I was not happy with the ca
  8. fantastic work. i always look for ways to add realism through some DIY additions/scratch built items and your build are always full of ideas. keep'em coming :)
  9. the wings i'm fine with but it is the camo on the fuselage that i could't get right. Had a bad spray day it seems. This is what it should look like.
  10. Having only encountered your work first time round on the mustang i have to say i am very excited to see what you can do with this. Even more so that the A-10 was my first proper(ish) build when i took up the hobby (didn't know what an airbrush was back then ;) ). subscribed!
  11. Thanks, it's very far from the real thing but as i said it was a bit over my patience grade at the moment though part of me still wants to go back and fix it. The colours are as you said RLM 65/70/71 and a mixture of enamels (70/71) and acrylics. Trying to run down my stock of enamels to move mostly over to acrylics (grown to really like working with the tamiya stuff).
  12. Ok, well it has been a while since my last post. I have still been working the the Emil, however i have realised that considering i started this topic not really to show off but rather to get comments and advice i have been going about it the wrong way. I should be adding more WIP photos that really show the mistakes and successes i have had. As it stands i have sealed the engine and pit in the frame and have finished the majority of the painting of the main fuselage. I had some fit issues along the way partly my fault but also partly with the design of the pit once it has all the photoetch
  13. A truly stunning build. If i only had a fraction of the skill.....i'm amazed that you have only been building for 5 1/2 years (i swear i read that somewhere here). Anyway thank you for posting this wonderful WIP thread as it really inspires me to work harder ...........now back to my 109
  14. Thanks for the encouragement guys. Well i have finally finished(ish) the engine. There are a few areas to touch up and i made a few mistakes along the way but hey.... you learn most from your mistakes eh ;)/>. The section has just had a coat of Klear so i will give certain areas a matt finish but intend to keep the block itself more glossy. Also, i really like the Aber barrels; as you can see the eduard styrene is not too shabby but the Aber mg's just add another touch. Anyway, here is the DB601 and mg mount. I spent quite a while researching the cabling but it was difficu
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