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  1. My personal choice would be a NJ ANG P-51H. Because that's what I would want to build. Fin tip and prop spinner were in red. But if you ever decided to do another round of P-51D's a good candidate would be West Virginia ANG 44-72948. It was the last operational Mustang. Chris
  2. Man, if only they decided to scale down to 1/48. I know they did the miniguns in 1/48; I got like six sets of them. Maybe they'll consider it with these as well. There would certainly be a good market for them, as I'm unaware of any 1/48 60s with the external ammo cans and minigun mounts. Chris
  3. I'm following this thread with much interest. This DC-130 is on my to-do list as well, so these pictures are all great. Impressive work so far! Chris
  4. I really like the idea of decals for complete airwings. There are definitely people who (try to) build models for each squadron from a particular deployment or event, but some of the planes in the airwing aren't exactly popular enough to merit decal sets on their own. Having a decal set that has representatives from each of the squadrons in the airwing would still appeal to the modellers who only want them for the popular subjects, but it would also be of significant interest to the completists. Some good candidates might include: CVW-17 from Saratoga during Desert Storm which includes VFA-81, VF-74, VF-103, and VA-35; but also VFA-83 which has only ever appeared in some old Superscale decals, VAQ-132 which last came out from Cutting Edge, VAW-125 which has never appeared in 1/48 with the tigertail and had two fast jet kill marks, VS-30 which has never been done in their subdued markings, and HS-3 where there are NO Navy Seaking decals in the low vis gray for any squadrons. CVW-2 from Midway at the start of Vietnam which includes both the first air-to-air victory of the war with VF-21 and the Skyraider gun kill from VA-25, but also A-4s from VA-22 and VA-23, VF-111 Sundowners during their time in the F-8, a squadron of A-3s (VAH-8), and dets of RF-8A (which there are conversion sets out there for), E-1B, EA-1F (which also has a conversion set, but again no decals). I'm sure there are other airwings which would be good candidates, but I think any of them that have one or two 'famous' aircraft or squadrons would be good choices since they would appeal to people who aren't trying to build full representative airwings. Chris
  5. While it wouldn't be the most colorful or distinctive Twin Mustang, FQ-383 from the 68th F(AW)S would be a welcome addition given its historical significance as the first aerial victor of the Korean War. Other than the buzz numbers and the squadron insignia on the tail, it didn't carry any unique markings. The Twin Mustang kit is a bit of a challenge, but it can be built. And I'm sure more would be built if people had the decals for them. Chris
  6. Scoobs, If your friend knows which Hawkeye from VAW-125 was the actual mission bird vectoring the Hornets for their kills, that would be some great understanding. It's my understanding that 600 was not the mission aircraft but got the kill markings as the COs aircraft. Either way, those are markings I'd be in for. Chris
  7. One other good candidate might be the VAW-125 Tigertails from Desert Storm on Saratoga. The old school version of the Tigertails (with an actual tiger head on the tail) have never been done in 1/48 scale, and they did not have any markings on the top of the radome. What makes the CO's bird unique is the silhouettes for the two MiG-21's on the sides. The Tigertails vectored the F/A-18 Hornets from VFA-81 onto the flight of MiGs for the only two jet kills by the Navy during Desert Storm. Chros
  8. I think that would be a really good blog topic if you were willing to lay the bag of snakes out for us. The Skywarrior falls into the category of models I'd like to build but I don't know enough to even figure out where to begin. I know that for me, I'd go out and buy the decals and the Steel Beach sets if I had some idea of what I'd need. The topic on the EKA-3B is a good example of what I'm hoping for. What base kit, what aftermarket, and what other changes in order to make the different Skywarrior versions. I'd like to build two Skywarrior models, but I've stayed away because of all the confusion. Chris
  9. Speaking for myself here, I know that I've hesitated to get into the A-3 kits because I have heard that the boxings and what you can actually build don't match up. I know there are aftermarket sets from Steel Beach to help you build the versions you want that rely on different base kits. But it isn't really clear what base kit and what aftermarket you need to build a particular version of the Skywarrior. Since I don't really know where to begin, I just don't bother. Maybe it would help if there was a list for each of the Skywarrior versions of what base kit you need and what aftermarket? Chris
  10. For the 1960-61 deployment of the USS Intrepid in the Med, they embarked CVG-6, consisting of VF-74 in F4D-1, VF-33 in F11F-1, VA-66 in A4D-2, VA-65 in AD-6, VA-76 in A4D-2, Det 33 from VFP-62 consisting of four F8U-1P, and Det 33 from HU-2 with a pair of HUP-3. Chris
  11. Darren, Is there any chance you have a list of what Trumpeter kit and what Steel Beach resin you need to make a particular variant of the Skywarrior? I know in some cases the best base kit isn't necessarily what you'd expect it to be, like needing the TA-3B kit to do an EA-3B. Chris
  12. I'd be all over several of these kits. And the Romeo squadrons all have really sharp looking CO birds so there would be no shortage of colorful and interesting schemes. If there is anything I can do to help a kit manufacturer make one of these happen, I'd be all over the chance to get a Romeo kit out there. Chris
  13. You can also find a buddy refueling pod in ES-3A Shadow version of the S-3 Viking kits. There are also resin versions in any of the KA-6B Intruder tanker conversion sets. The best way to find them is to look for 'buddy pod' or 'D-704'. There is a bit of a difference between the true, original, D-704 pods, and what is generically called the 'D-704' today, but the difference is minor. If you really want to get into the weeds on the difference, let me know, but I hope this helps get you started in finding one. Chris
  14. The F/A-18 Super Hornets do not have specific tankers. Any one of them can carry perform the tanker mission. It is just a matter of carrying the buddy refuelling pod on the centerline, and then four drop tanks on the wings. On any day, any aircraft in the squadron could be a tanker. Each US Navy squadron is usually allowed one aircraft with color. The squadron typically paints it in a full color scheme unique to the squadron, and this is know as the CAG's aircraft (or CO's aircraft) as it carries the name of the air group commander or the squadron CO. For most squadrons, this aircraft is the 00 aircraft. The first digit of the modex (in this case 200) represents the squadron's order in the air group or the wing. In this case, VFA-103 was the second squadron on the carrier. Then, the next two digits identify the individual aircraft and usually go in numerical order from 00 up. For carrier squadrons, 00 is typically the CAG's jet, 01 is the squadron CO's jet, and so on. Any of the Hasegawa F/A-18F boxings should work for this jet, and tracking down decals for VFA-103 shouldn't be too hard, as they are probably the most popular squadron these days. Chris
  15. I'd love to see decals for one of the last Skywarriors. VQ-2 flew EA-3B's as late as 1991 from Rota, and a detachment even went to Desert Storm. There are some photos of them in ODS, and one was painted up after the war for RIAT '91 with a sharkmouth and a spook silhouette on one side of the tail. My personal perference is for one of the deployed birds, but either way would be a nice addition to the set. Chris
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