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  1. So this is the splinter camo f-15c from the 65th aggressor squadron. Extras used were aries cockpit and exhaust, edaurd exterior detail set, and tow bobs decals. Thanks for looking.
  2. Yeah those are the Eduard exhausts, they are a pain in the but to put together. I think by the end I went through about 4 bottles of gunship gray.
  3. I built this about 2 years ago. I bought Aires cockpit and exhaust set for this. I also bought the Eduard exterior set. Thanks for looking.
  4. This is a model I finished over the past summer. I bought the Eduard exterior, cockpit, and exhaust nozzles sets, I also bought 4 Aries aces II ejection seats. The decals were aIso after market and came from cutting edge decals. I scratch built the main weapons rotary and some other details. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for looking.
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