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  1. Stripping Tamiya Surface Primer?

    Testor's Easy Lift-Off works great - I actually did it just last night on a Revell Laser hull with great success. I had layers of gray and white surface primer and it took it all off with no damage to the plastic. I had tried Castrol Super-Clean awhile back and it didn't touch the stuff. Good luck!
  2. Max Holste Broussard 1/72 Scratch Built Masters & Models

    Nice work! Can you elaborate on how made the sections in the last image? I understand the process of getting the general arrangement views, but I'm not sure how you derive the sections from them, and the sections are definitely the most useful part for the model ;) TIA!
  3. Well, spejic was right about things clearing up with time - the decals and paint now look almost the same, but I still can't figure out why paint would only have dissolved around the edges of the decals. You would think I would have issues all over the plane if the clear was too much for the paint. My last build I used Tamiya acrylic, Tamiya decals, and the same can of clear flat with no issues.... Going forward I'll definitely take RichardL's advice to heart and remind myself to stop thinking I can get away with shortcuts!! Thanks
  4. That's interesting about the Dull Cote clearing up- I'm in WA, and it (shockingly) had just stopped raining before I went outside to spray, so I'll definitely take that advice and see if it gets a little better with time....
  5. Thanks, fixed the picture. I'm fairly certain the decals don't require a clearcoat ahead of time, but they are printed on a continuous carrier and needed to be trimmed. There is a LOT of clear carrier left because of the windows and text relations - hopefully it will make sense why now that the pictures are up....
  6. I'm looking for any insight into why this might have happened, if anyone has seen this before, or if anyone has suggestions on recovery options? The short story is that when I applied the clear flat, the paint noticeably darkened only around the edges of the decals. The long story is: 1/200 Hasegawa 737 Primed with Tamiya Gray Surface Primer Fuselage airbrushed with Tamiya acrylic green No gloss coat - green was pretty glossy to start with Draw Decals 2nd generation Digital Silk decals per their instructions - warm water, no more than one or two applications of Micro-set/Micro-sol, and they looked pretty good. Sat on the shelf for a month or so... Today I went out and topcoated with Testor's Clear Flat out of the spray bomb (my goal was to buff the fuselage to give it a satin look and keep the wings flat) and I got these super weird shadows around all of the decal edges, a tiny bit of dissolved paint and a boatload of wildly consistent ghosting/silvering. I get the silvering and maybe the tiny spot of dissolved paint is likely my fault, but what is up with the shadows? The green paint darkened only around edges of the decals, the rest of the acreage is fine. The areas around the "kulula fans" and "throne zone" text show it best. It's almost like something in the flat pulled something out of the decal film and discolored everything. I don't like my "Spanish school" 737....any ideas?? TIA Nate
  7. All kits are unstarted and in their bags, books are in good condition with usual shelf wear, buyer pays shipping from 98229 Paypal preferred, Trade wants at bottom KITS 1/72 Hasegawa F-15 ADTAC Boxing w/ two Airwaves PE sets (AC-72-09 and 72-58 [F-15E]) $18 1/72 Hasegawa Me-262A ISS1 Boxing w/Eduard 73277, CX139 mask, and Squadron Vac Canopy $18 1/72 ICM Ki-27 $10 1/72 Italeri C-47 w/Quickboost Engines and Eduard 72252 $25 1/72 AIM Wright Flyer, Full details: http://www.aim72.co.uk/page24.html $45 54mm Andrea Miniatures "Space Hunter" (Predator from the first movie) $15 54mm Andrea Miniatures "Zombie Pirate" (Captain Barbossa with zombie monkey from first Pirates movie) $15 AFTERMARKET 1/72 Eduard 72180 J-35 Draken $9 1/72 Eduard 73263 and CX023 mask for Academy Bf-109G14 $9 1/72 Eduard 73270 F4U-1 Birdcage for Tamiya $9 1/72 Eduard 72158 F-18A for Hasegawa $9 1/72 Aires Spitfire Mk. V Gun Bay (for Tamiya) $8 BOOKS AND MAGAZINES Polygon MiG 1.44 and Su-37 (all in Russian, really great photos and plan drawings) http://www.aviapress.com/viewonekit.htm?PLG-011 (My price is 50% off!) $30 Polygon Ka-50 (all in Russian, really great photos and plan drawings) http://www.aviapress.com/viewonekit.htm?PLG-006 (my price is 50% off!) $30 World Air Power Journal - Volume 36 Spring 1999 (F-16 Profile) $10 World Air Power Journal - Volume 40 Spring 2000 (F-4 Profile) $10 (Pic of these 4 books) The Air War Over Europe - Gun Camera Footage of World War II $10 Time Goes to War Special Edition $7 AIR International - Volume 52, No 1 $2 AIR International - Vol 71, No 1, July 2006 $2 Kagero Topshots - MiG-21 MF (Decals Included) $8 Osprey Modelling Manual - Postwar Aircraft $10 Osprey Compendium Modelling Manual - Advanced Aviation Modelling $10 Osprey Warrior Series - Knight Templar 1120-1312 $10 Osprey Combat Aircraft 56 - US Marine Corps and RAAF Units of Operation Iraqi Freedom $10 Complete Finscale Modeler Volumes (10 issues) $10/EA (I got the anniversary DVD, so don't need them taking up shelf space) Complete Finescale Modeler 1997 Complete Finescale Modeler 1998 Complete Finescale Modeler 1999 Complete Finescale Modeler 2000 Complete Finescale Modeler 2001 Complete Finescale Modeler 2002 Complete Finescale Modeler 2003 Complete Finescale Modeler 2004 Complete Finescale Modeler 2005 Complete Finescale Modeler 2006 Complete Finescale Modeler 2007 Will happily trade in your favor for: 1/48 Freedom Models X-47 1/48 Eduard Fokker DVII Profi-Pack 1/48 Eduard X-1 1/48 Zoukei-Mura Ho-229 1/48 Hasegawa/Mania Ki-27 Thanks! Nate
  8. Super cool kit of Wright Flyer - complete and unstarted. $45 shipped in ConUS, will ship elsewhere at cost. Full details: http://www.aim72.co.uk/page24.html Thanks! Nate