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  1. I'm super stoked for this sheet - by brother-in-law just got back from this deployment last week, definitely a must-have for me!
  2. I am in need of the bits to make a Big Mouth GE engined 1/48 Hasegawa F-16 - Would anyone be willing to sell or trade for sprues H, L, and T? Those are the GE can, exhaust petals, and MCID intake pieces. I have lots of ordnance and some decals I would happily trade. TIA!!
  3. Shout out to John Miller at Model Paint Solutions! Not only did my order arrive super fast with a hand written thank you note, but he immediately replaced the missing item no questions asked. He also answered my paint questions right away too - great service, thanks John!
  4. Does anybody know the colors used on Air Combat USA's gray Sf.260 fleet? I reached out to them and got radio silence - by best guess is gull gray bottom, dark ghost gray and dark gull gray topside....does that look about right?: Thanks, Nate
  5. Does anyone know of any reviews or builds of the new 1/144 B-2 from AMP? All I've found is one comment on BritModeller that they bought one, it was short shot, and they returned it. I'm surprised at how quiet its reception has been since it seemed like a pretty exciting and overdue new tool...
  6. I've been noodling on a 1/48 Sputnik made from a ball bearing, but the readily available diameters are off (plus they are hardened and impossible to scribe). I have a 7/16" (0.4375"/11.1mm) diameter sphere that needs to be 0.475" for a 1/48 Sputnik. So, I need to add a uniform thickness of about 0.020" (0.5mm) all around. My current thought is multiple dips in Mr. Surfacer 500 and randomly rotating it the whole time while I wait for it to dry. Definitely easy to scribe, but I figure you lot are more creative than I am and might have some better ideas.... TIA!!
  7. I saw it on Sunday and took my 7 year-old boys with me - amazing documentary, and they really enjoyed it as well. We don't have an IMAX near-by so had to watch it on a regular movie screen. I can see how IMAX would be fantastic. I loved how they told the story and seeing the crawler and Saturn V on the big screen was everything I hoped it would be. My boys were going back and forth from being literally on the edge of their seats to hugging their knees in nervous anticipation (like during the lunar landing). Even though they, and pretty much everyone else, knew the main points of the mission, it was very engaging. Go see it!
  8. I emailed Scalehobbyist and he said he doesn't even know if it will be imported to the US and that it wasn't currently listed with his importer. Does anybody have any other information on when/if it might be available from US distributors?
  9. I didn't expect so many replies so quickly! I'm also in the "never really understood it" camp except for being annoyed with my forgetting where I left off on a project. I am impressed by the level of organization some people have, and am VERY thankful for all the WIP threads and photos, but it sounds like my level of disorganization remains with the majority 🙂
  10. I've noticed in the background of some in-progress posts that people have extensive notebooks with notes, dimensions, diagrams etc. and have also always wondered how reviewers keep track of the hours that went in to a build. Do you, and how do you, you keep track of 712 hours and 1,433 scratchbuilt pieces that went in to your opus? Chess timer? Stopwatch? Made up numbers? Administrative assistant? I'd be interested in ideas, since it seems to take me years to actually finish anything and half of that time is spent figuring out where I left off.....
  11. I'm trying to find info on the A-6 that was the last cat shot for VA-52 before they were deactivated in the early 90's. BuNo, Modex or really anything would help - as my Googling can't even find the date it happened. I got to play with the holdback release pin from that launch today and of course I am now obsessed with looking for more info 🙂 TIA
  12. Opened my package last night and it was missing an item - sent them an email, went to bed, woke up to a shipping notification of the replacement on its way!!! Thanks for the great customer service!
  13. Darren, that looks fantastic - do you have any tips on building the R/M Superbug like you do for the F-14? I tried one many moons ago and the intakes were a disaster, both inside an out, among other problems.... TIA!
  14. Thanks for the feedback - much appreciated!! Saturday it is!
  15. Out of curiosity, why are you designing in CATIA, and which workbench(es) are you using for your design? I use it daily and I know it's pretty clunky when it comes to this type of surface design, not to mention way more expensive than a lot of other CAD packages.... Thanks! Nate
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