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  1. Super cool kit of Wright Flyer - complete and unstarted. $45 shipped in ConUS, will ship elsewhere at cost. Full details: http://www.aim72.co.uk/page24.html Thanks! Nate
  2. Price drop, sold items removed, and added C-47. TIA!
  3. Bump again - will also sell them individually or as a group. Thanks!
  4. Thanks - I think I'm going to use the Monokote trim stickers for RC Planes...only a few bucks and since they're marketed as fuel-proof, I think I'm ok in the durability department! Thanks again, Nate
  5. What have people's experiences been with unsealed decals after several years, like on NMFs or something? I'm working on Revell's 1/18 Laser and trying to decide how to do the sail numbers. I think the best approach will be to trim the decals and apply them but leave them unsealed. This will give contrasting sheens as well as razor sharp numbers, but I'm worried about the decals peeling off or fading once the model is actually finished... I'm hesitant to mask and paint them because the sail is translucent and super thin, so it will be unforgiving of mistakes... TIA! Nate
  6. Me again, still trying to clear some of the stash.... Thanks! Nate
  7. 366th FW F-15Es transit the UK.

    Think anyone will do decals? That would make for a great model with all the mission markings....