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  1. Hi - it looks like it's about $10 more than I planned, so I would do $130 shipped USPS to Canada. Thanks, Nate
  2. Interesting - my reaction was different (the bottom one was tested with blue painter's tape): I tried the bottle of black tonight and did not have any cracking - same room, same airbrush, same pressure, same everything, so I guess there was something up with the white.... I will also echo what everyone else says about cleanup - the stuff is a nightmare - I had to completely strip my airbrush because so much Stynylrez had built up at the nozzle that the needle wouldn't go all the way forward. My double action was working like a single action. I ended up putting th
  3. Thanks, I have a bottle of black too, so I'll give that a try this week and see if I get a better result. On a whim after letting it dry for a few days I tried some blue painter's tape on some small areas that didn't crack and, unsurprisingly, the primer came right off. What other kinds of issues did you have with your bad bottle? Just trying to figure out if I can confirm it's the bottle and not operator error...
  4. Has anyone had Stynylrez crack? I used white Stynylrez for the first time today, and was really excited after all the positive reviews, but it cracked all over and I can't figure out why. I shook it a ton, put it straight into my gravity feed Iwata, sprayed at 25psi, indoors at about 65F, and it went down ok, but then cracked as it dried. I tried thin and thick layers and was painting 2 brands of plastics and it happened on every combination. It was an Academy 1/72 P-51 and Tamiya 1/24 911GT1. After a bit of chemicals and scrubbing, I'm back to zero, but pretty frustrated with the
  5. Hi all - 1 last 1/32 to clear out of the stash: 1/32 WNW 32608 Sopwith Snipe "William Barker" - Still in shrink wrap - $120 USD Shipped in ConUS. Will do international, but will have to work out shipping costs. Paypal preferred, but I'm flexible.... Thanks for looking!
  6. Thanks - my concern was that it would be tippy with the 4" posts close together with a small 1/72, or that it would be too low to the table with a bigger kit on the short 2.5" posts.....thoughts on that?
  7. What size would you recommend for mostly 1/72 decaling and assembly with the occasional 1/48 build? I can't decide between 2.5" and 4" - 2.5" looks too small for 1/48, but 4" looks too big for 1/72..... Thanks!
  8. Wow. I LOVE that pixel art - it's so full of detail and emotion despite being so simple. Can you elaborate on how you create those images? I've never seen anything like it.... Thanks for sharing!
  9. Ed - PM Sent with shipping info. Neo - the amazingness goes to CF104, just passing it on!
  10. Got the P-51 boxed up and will get the cost on my way back from work tomorrow. Thanks!
  11. Howdy everyone - I've been sitting on these for ages and just need to purge the 1/32 from my stash. Price doesn't include shipping from 98229. Paypal preferred, but I"m flexible. 1/32 WNW 32603 Fokker E.II "Max Immelmann" - Box open, all parts bagged $100 USD SOLD 1/32 WNW 32608 Sopwith Snipe "William Barker" - Still in shrink wrap - $100 USD 1/32 Tamiya P-51D package $150 USD SOLD (This is what I paid for it on ARC 3 years ago, so it's a screaming deal. Don't thank me, thank CF104) Tamiya P-51D kit 60322, box open, all parts bagged Edua
  12. Do you have any interest in aftermarket for any of those? I have Eduard 73270 F4U-1, a Vector R2800 and a decal sheet I can't remember off the top of my head for the Corsair if you're interested. Thanks, Nate
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