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  1. Thanks - my concern was that it would be tippy with the 4" posts close together with a small 1/72, or that it would be too low to the table with a bigger kit on the short 2.5" posts.....thoughts on that?
  2. What size would you recommend for mostly 1/72 decaling and assembly with the occasional 1/48 build? I can't decide between 2.5" and 4" - 2.5" looks too small for 1/48, but 4" looks too big for 1/72..... Thanks!
  3. Wow. I LOVE that pixel art - it's so full of detail and emotion despite being so simple. Can you elaborate on how you create those images? I've never seen anything like it.... Thanks for sharing!
  4. Ed - PM Sent with shipping info. Neo - the amazingness goes to CF104, just passing it on!
  5. Got the P-51 boxed up and will get the cost on my way back from work tomorrow. Thanks!
  6. Howdy everyone - I've been sitting on these for ages and just need to purge the 1/32 from my stash. Price doesn't include shipping from 98229. Paypal preferred, but I"m flexible. 1/32 WNW 32603 Fokker E.II "Max Immelmann" - Box open, all parts bagged $100 USD SOLD 1/32 WNW 32608 Sopwith Snipe "William Barker" - Still in shrink wrap - $100 USD 1/32 Tamiya P-51D package $150 USD SOLD (This is what I paid for it on ARC 3 years ago, so it's a screaming deal. Don't thank me, thank CF104) Tamiya P-51D kit 60322, box open, all parts bagged Edua
  7. Do you have any interest in aftermarket for any of those? I have Eduard 73270 F4U-1, a Vector R2800 and a decal sheet I can't remember off the top of my head for the Corsair if you're interested. Thanks, Nate
  8. Well, if you have a Navy kit you can still build "The Proud American" because the Heritage Flight Museum's restored Skyraider is actually an AD-4NA painted like "The Proud American": https://heritageflight.org/aircraft/a-1-skyraider-the-proud-american/ Seen it fly so many times around here - love that plane! 🙂
  9. I'm super stoked for this sheet - by brother-in-law just got back from this deployment last week, definitely a must-have for me!
  10. I am in need of the bits to make a Big Mouth GE engined 1/48 Hasegawa F-16 - Would anyone be willing to sell or trade for sprues H, L, and T? Those are the GE can, exhaust petals, and MCID intake pieces. I have lots of ordnance and some decals I would happily trade. TIA!!
  11. Shout out to John Miller at Model Paint Solutions! Not only did my order arrive super fast with a hand written thank you note, but he immediately replaced the missing item no questions asked. He also answered my paint questions right away too - great service, thanks John!
  12. Does anybody know the colors used on Air Combat USA's gray Sf.260 fleet? I reached out to them and got radio silence - by best guess is gull gray bottom, dark ghost gray and dark gull gray topside....does that look about right?: Thanks, Nate
  13. Does anyone know of any reviews or builds of the new 1/144 B-2 from AMP? All I've found is one comment on BritModeller that they bought one, it was short shot, and they returned it. I'm surprised at how quiet its reception has been since it seemed like a pretty exciting and overdue new tool...
  14. I've been noodling on a 1/48 Sputnik made from a ball bearing, but the readily available diameters are off (plus they are hardened and impossible to scribe). I have a 7/16" (0.4375"/11.1mm) diameter sphere that needs to be 0.475" for a 1/48 Sputnik. So, I need to add a uniform thickness of about 0.020" (0.5mm) all around. My current thought is multiple dips in Mr. Surfacer 500 and randomly rotating it the whole time while I wait for it to dry. Definitely easy to scribe, but I figure you lot are more creative than I am and might have some better ideas.... TIA!!
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