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  1. As you read this, the first PC-21 in Roulette colours have arrived at their new home of East Sale, Australia. The PC-21 is to replace the PC-9 which has been the Royal Australian Air Forces Aerobatic display team “The Roulettes” aircraft for the past 29 years. The PC-21 Roulette team is due to display in 2019. The subject of this review is Ronin Decals reboxing of the 3D Blitz PC-21 kit in 1/72. The kit comes in the same box with a nice sticker over the top displaying the ARDU & Roulette schemes. When opening the box we have the kit still in the plastic bag, original decals (factory schemes), instruction sheet, Ronin decal sheet with instructions and in another bag are resin/plastic external fuel tanks and pylons by OZ Mods. I will not review the 3D blitz kit as reviews are available online. The decals themselves are silk screen printed and glossy. The one A5 sheet provided includes everything needed. The colours are solid and no imperfections can be seen. The small writing can be seen with a magnifying glass (or am I going blind?). The Roulette scheme looks busy on the sheet and others have likened it to a bag of Doritos Corn chips! (mentioned on the decal sheet as well!) The government line is “inspired by technology and energy themes, the motif retains our traditional colours while incorporating the Australian flag, the Roulettes logo, and Southern Cross.”. I’ll reserve my judgement until I see it in the flesh but showing this scheme to my 9 year old and his mates, the “oh cool” comments signal that they have succeeded in wowing their target audience. Future recruits! There are also a few data decals provided. You may need to check references and you may need to use the original kit decals for some. The instructions do state that many of the data is just too small to be provided in decal form. Included with the decals are a double sided printed A4 sized colour placement diagrams and a small piece of paper with colour chips. The external fuel tanks and pylons by Oz Mods which are included was a surprise but very welcomed. All of the aircraft travelling from Switzerland to Australia have been fitted with them and more than likely will use them throughout their operational career. The only issue is that if you want to display a Roulette machine in aerobatic mode, it will have smoke canisters fitted to the wing pylons which are slightly different in shape. There are pictures showing RAAF aircraft fitted with these and other aerobatic teams that use the PC-21 also use the wing mounted smoke canisters. It is yet to be seen how the Roulettes will operate with these but I assume they will be fitted 99% of the time. The parts are nicely moulded with only minimal clean up required. This boxing comes highly recommended but note that only specific aircraft can be created. The kit retails for AU$60 and is great value. The pylons and decals can also be ordered separately and all can be ordered online at their website which is located at: https://roningraphicsaustralia.com/ Addendum: I have been advised by Ronin that they have left out the corn chip decals on the fin fillet. Understandable as I didn’t even notice it myself when reviewing as the scheme is so busy. An add-on decal will be coming in the next few days or weeks. If you have purchased the Roulette scheme and do not receive these additional decals, please contact them directly.
  2. Hi all Does anyone have what the prop dimensions for the Dove are please? I'm trying to source some after markets. Thanks Tony
  3. The Alenia C-27J Spartan was ordered by the RAAF in 2012 to replace the venerable Caribou. At the time of writing this review 9 of the 10 aircraft have been delivered to RAAF Base Richmond under the ownership of 35 Squadron. 2017 marked the 75th Anniversary of 35 Squadron and A34-006 was marked up with an Orange Wallaby tail stripe reminiscent of their Caribou markings carried during the Vietnam War and affectionately known as “Wallaby Airways”. The subject of this review is Ronin Graphics C-27J Spartan 35 Squadron 75th anniversary decal set and is only available in 1/72 to fit the Italeri kit. I received these decals early this year and a few weeks afterwards I received another set with a note mentioning that new information had come to light in relation to the wing walkways. The newer aircraft have their wing access panels not painted in the walkway colours. Apparently this will be rolled out on all aircraft over time. As always, check your references on the time frame and specific aircraft. If you ordered from Ronin the original 75th decals and did not receive an update, please contact them. What fantastic customer service. The decals themselves are silk screen printed and glossy. The one A5 sheet provided includes the lighter grey walk ways mentioned above. There are plenty of small details specific to RAAF aircraft not found on the Italeri sheet. The orange on the wallaby tail stripe is bright and really pops off the sheet. It will look great on a predominately grey aircraft. The colour is solid with no pixilation. The black numbering, letters and stencils are sharply printed. Some can even be read under a magnifying glass! Might be a sign that my eyes are fading though! Included with the decals are two A4 sized colour placement diagrams. One page each for the top and bottom views with the last page dealing with the left and right profiles. Pictures are also included showing the new wing walkway detail. There is also a note in relation to another set of decals for the rear interior. A small review on that sheet to follow. This sheet comes highly recommended but note that it is only for one specific aircraft. If you want to model other aircraft in the fleet you need to purchase the other set. I have been told that has the new walkways as well. It also provides grey circles to make it a solid colour as per earlier aircraft (as does the 75th sheet but are not used). The sheets retail for AU$15 and is great value. The decals can be ordered online at their website which is located at: https://roningraphicsaustralia.com/
  4. Ronin Graphics 2OCU F/A-18 75th anniversary Scheme 1/48 The role of the Royal Australian Air Force 2OCU (Operational Conversion Unit) is to train graduates from Bae Hawks or other non-fighter aircraft in the art of strike and combat before moving onto frontline fighter squadrons. The unit also trains flight combat instructors (FCI’s). Formed in Port Pirie, South Australia during World War 2 in 1942, the unit moved to its present location at RAAF Williamtown in 1952. The tiger emblem or colours have been applied to aircraft of the unit since the Sabre. The origins of which are allegedly attributed to the Football Clubs of Richmond in the AFL and/or the Balmain (now Wests) Tigers of the NRL. 2OCU have marked their 60th and 70th anniversaries on the tail of their F/A-18s but the 75th tail is the first time the whole tail has been adorned. The yellow tails is quite striking and the aircraft has been popular during airhows at Avalon and Wollongong In Australia. The 60th and 70th tails The subject of this review is Ronin Graphics 2OCU F/A-18 75th anniversary Scheme decals in 1/48 scale. The first thing that stands out when looking at the decal sheet is that 2 sets of tiger head & stripes for the outer and inner fin markings are supplied. The instructions indicate that the reason for this is to cater for the different dimensions found in both the Kinetic and Hasegawa kit. A well thought out addition and a good idea as the decal for the stripes and head is one complete decal that covers the entire fin. Another interesting feature is that there are three different colours of roundels. Apparently on the actual jet the underwing roundels are different shades of grey and in turn are different to the fuselage ones. (I can see everyone diving to their reference shots!). The decals themselves are silk screen printed and three sheets are provided. The main sheet provides the tail decals, roundels and various data. The other two sheets are the now standard Ronin F/A-18 hornet data sheets. These provide all the data and some have been duplicated but are jet specific. The smaller sheet has all the panel numbers if your eyesight permits! I’m impressed with the detail. They look sharp and the roundels look great with no pixilation. When I was looking at pictures of the jet, I noticed that there are white teeth and eyes for the tiger. I didn’t notice on my first kook at the sheet but on closer inspection the teeth and eyes are there in white. Included with the decals are eight pages of A4 sized colour placement diagrams. One half is for the colour placement and the rest for panel numbers and data. I would work off the colour reference sheets first and then what is left I would use the data placement guides. This sheet comes highly recommended and would make a nice colourful addition to the world of bland grey jets. The set retails for AU$25 and can be found on their new website https://roningraphicsaustralia.com/ or can be found on the ebay store http://www.ebay.com.au/usr/*models with 1/72 and 1/32 versions to follow.
  5. The 1 Squadron 100th Anniversary markings might have appeared a year late but 2017 marks the first time a special colourful scheme has been applied to a RAAF Super Hornet. When the first arrived on Australian soil in 2010 there was a “City of Ipswich” nose art which was toned down after a few months. This scheme is striking with a black tail with yellow tips with the Squadron crest of the Kookaburra over a cross of Jerusalem on the outer side and four aircraft on the inner tails symbolising some of aircraft used in the 100 year history (obviously it would be hard to represent nearly all of the 20 aircraft the squadron has used within this period.). It’s very similar to what the US Navy do with their jets. The Kookaburra and cross represents the actions of the first Australian Airman to be awarded the VC in World War 1 Frank McNamara. The cross symbolises the location in near Gaza and the Kookaburra likened to Frank swooping down to pick up his wounded compatriot. The subject of this review is Ronin Graphics RAAF F/A-18F 1 Squadron 100 Anniversary decals. Currently available in 1/72 but 1/48 and 1/32 are due to follow. The decals themselves are silk screen printed on two sheets. One A5 sheet provides all the stencil data and mirrors what is usually available in other Ronin sheets for the Super Hornet. The smaller sheet covers markings specific for the jet in question. This provides the roundels, airframe numbers, the yellow markings and the kookaburras. The yellow artwork looks dense and as I have been told, there should be no bleed through as there is a layer of white underneath. Good thinking! Included with the decals are three pages of A4 sized colour placement diagrams and reference pictures. The only thing to watch out for is that you will need to paint the yellow tips of the fins. An FS colour is called out in the instructions to match the colour of the decals. This sheet comes highly recommended and the finished product will surely stand out. The 1/72 set retails for AU$18 and can be ordered online at their eBay store which is located at: http://stores.ebay.com.au/roningraphicsaus/
  6. Sorry it has been a while but I was having Photobucket issues when in progress. It is now finished as how it appeared at Avalon Airshow on it's debut in 2015. I couldn't find a snakeye or the Israeli pod as it had but I'm happy with how it looks. A special thanks to John Williams for the bombs and missiles. It was a challenging build at times. I really love the Ronin decals they are like paint.
  7. That's right Chris. It's designed for the Revell 737-800. I haven't received mine yet but should by early next week. Here is some more info here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234997106-1144-boeing-p-8a-poseidon-resin-conversion-set-by-sm-release-november-2016/
  8. As you are reading this the first RAAF P-8A has arrived on Australian soil. Australia has ordered 15 P-8As to replace the aging AP-3C Orions which have been in service for nearly 30 years. The Poseidon is loosely based on Boeings’ passenger 737-800NG with 737-900 wings but using 767-400 style winglets instead of the blended winglets commonly seen. There is also a bomb bay aft of the wings and hard points on the wings outboard of the engines. Like the E-7A Wedgetail , the engines have a larger generator than the passenger versions to power the host of electronics on board which are housed in a slight hump on the port side of each nacelle. The aircraft will be based at RAAF Edinburgh with number 10 & 11 Squadrons and carry the RAAF prefix A-47. The subject of this review is Ronin Graphics RAAF P-8A Poseidon decals. Currently available in 1/72 to fit the Welsh models kit. Due shortly will be 1/144 scale and I will be reviewing the S&M conversion for the Revell 737-800 in due course. The markings cover the current 15 airframes on order. As is the case these days the markings are rather dull. The only bit of colour is the red warning markings on the engines. The only variety is what squadron to reproduce with the choice of 10 Squadrons Chimera or the Albatross of 11 Squadron . Both ina lovely shade of grey. The decals themselves are silk screen printed and are a mixture of glossy and matt. One A5 sheet is provided which covers all the numbers, windows (not many!), doors, roundels, squadron markings, refuelling receptacle and plenty of stencil data. I’m impressed with the detail. They look sharp and the roundels look great with no pixilation. A smaller sheet is provided for the black wing walkways. Included with the decals are three pages of A4 sized colour placement diagrams. As noted there is not much colour to speak of! The main colour is FS-16515 “Boeing grey” which is noted that Tamiya AS-16 is the best match. As mentioned on the Ronin Facebook page, Welsh are in the process of updating their P-8A kit as the aircraft has sprouted new lumps and bumps. If you already have the kit, the upgrade parts will be available separately from Welsh and/or Ronin Graphics (to be confirmed). This sheet comes highly recommended and retails for AU$20 . The decals can be ordered online at their ebay store which is located at: http://stores.ebay.com.au/roningraphicsaus/
  9. The Eduard PE in the cockpit finished. Fuselage put together. It has been a long time since I made a Hasegawa Hornet. I forgot how fiddly the intake section is. Lots of filler needed! I bought the Flying Leathernecks Models Tail Jig a few years ago. I have been anxious to try it out. You need to loosen the fin locating pins so that they move to the required angle. There must of been a manufacturing error with mine. I though this section was an actual duct! I couldn't see any on any reference material so more filler! Another item in the stash from years ago is the Orion models stiffener patch for the left side of each fin that is a prominent feature. With a splash of primer they come up ok. Everything ready for the canopy to be installed. Canopy on. Masked up and painted black to replicate the inside of the canopy. Priming complete. I used Tamiya primer for the Task.
  10. Over the weekend I started on the Canopy which needs the removal of the seam running right down the middle. I started with a rough sanding stick. To get a good hold and to not crack the canopy, I used this bouncy putty the kids had laying around. Works a treat. Didn't leave any residue behind and can be re-used. I then used the squadron stick using the finer grades each time. Then a gunze polishing cloth, then Tamiya polishing compound and finally brushed on Future. I tried dipping it but it didn't work. Came out ok.
  11. As part of my Australian ADF modelling page, I try to write up reviews of products that relate to all things RAAF, RAN and AAAvn in the modelling world. You can find the link in my Sig but for those who don't or wont have a Facebook page, here is a copy: Ronin Graphics RAAF F/A-18A “Worimi” Hornet (1/72, 1/48 & 1/32) The Royal Australian Air Force unveiled a specially painted F/A-18 Hornet at the Australian International Airshow in 2015. Named in honour of the traditional land owners on which RAAF Base Williamtown sits, the “Worimi” Hornet demonstrates the Air Force’s commitment to Indigenous men and women who have served, and continue to serve, in the Australian Defence Force With the blessing and assistance of the Worimi people and the RAAF, Ronin Graphics have released this stunning scheme in decal form. The subject of this review is the 1/48 product but is also available in 1/72 & 1/32. The packaging includes 3 A4 pages of colour placement and paint call out, 1 A4 page of colour reference photos, 1 A4 page of a placement guide for the tanks and pylons plus a double sided A3 size placement guide for all the stencil/placard panel number data. Three decal sheets are included. The main sheet has all the colour markings for the Worimi scheme. Next is the stencil data and last is the panel number sheet. The colour sheet is well printed and in register. The colours look correct to the eye but will be interesting to see how the blue elements match with the dark blue that is required to be painted. The grey elements take on a tan like colour on the sheet but I think this is due to the fact they are printed on a light blue backing sheet. A nice touch are the optional decals. There are two versions of the decal for the nose area that go around the IFF “Bird slicers”. One for if your kit already has the IFF moulded in or if they are an option in the kit to the installed after (Hasegawa for example). The last is in relation to the circular Satcom antenna on the spine. The option is there to have it in decal form or install your own via scratch building. The other two sheets are mainly printed in grey and cover all the stencils and panel numbers. I can see long hours of enjoyment or frustration trying to put some of these small decals on. The A3 placement guide is a massive bonus and will no doubt save some of the frustration and hair follicles. After seeing the aircraft in the flesh at Avalon last year I am so pleased to be able to produce one in model form. The decals are available via the Ronin Graphics EBay store http://stores.ebay.com.au/roningraphicsaus/ . The prices are AU$20 for 1/48 and AU$30 for the 1/32. No prices for the 1/72 as they are not out yet. Only 40 sheets available in 1/32 and 150 in 1/48. Decals for this review bought by the reviewer.
  12. Hi All Planning to turn this: plus this and this and this into this:
  13. 1/48 still available. Just check their ebay store or send a message.
  14. I run a RAAF centric facebook page and post reviews from time to time. I thought I would share this one. The CH-47 Chinook started out with the RAAF from 1973 with 12 C models delivered. Due to cost cutting the RAAF unit was disbanded in 1989 with the Chinooks to be sold. The Army Blackhawks were to take over the Chinook role but it became apparent they were not cut out for the job and the Chinook sale was put on hold. The decision was made to trade in the 11 remaining C models for D models. Four of the C models were converted to Ds and started life with the 5th Aviation Regiment in 1995. Two additional D models were acquired in 2000 with a further two as attrition replacements in 2011. In 2010 the Government ordered 7 F model Chinooks to replace the aging D models that saw extensive service in Afghanistan between 2006 and 2013. In 2015 a further three F models were ordered. The subject of this review is Ronin Graphics CH-47 D & F Chinooks. Available in 1/72, 1/48 & 1/35, this review is based on the 1/72 set. The markings cover the six D models and seven F models. Markings for the Ds cover their time in Afghanistan and at home around the 2012 time frame. The decals themselves are silk screen printed and glossy. One A5 sheet is provided which covers all the numbers, aircraft names and separate stencils data divided between the D & F. A smaller sheet carries the greyed out Pegasus as carried in Afghanistan with more stencil data and a nose art for The Wallaby Express which does not appear on the instruction sheet. There are two small machine and screen printed sheets with 9 of the Pin Up girls side art with a corresponding white underlay. The numbering, names and stencils are sharply printed and the Pin Up girls, although small in 1/72, look great with no pixilation. Included with the decals are eight A4 sized colour placement diagrams. Three deal with the stencil placements for the F model, D models 102-106 and 151,152,201 & 202. Four coloured sheets cover the D model schemes and notes are provided for differences between their time in Afghanistan and when they were operating in Australia. The final sheet calls out the colour scheme of the new F models and interestingly mentions that the overall colour is IR Desert Sand FS-33711. The instructions mention that there is no paint available yet and that Humbrol 81 Pale yellow matt is a close match. I have also read that SAC bomber Tan by Testors is also a match and that the colour is called Desert sage. The jury is out on this one! Another issue with modelling an F model is that there is no kit or aftermarket available at this present time. Essentially the F model is an upgraded D with most of modifications being internal. The major differences being a digital cockpit, different antennae, inbuilt flare and electronic countermeasures and upgraded engines. Also if modelling a Chinook from Afghanistan you will need to find Dust Bin intake covers that are available online. This set from Ronin is also dedicated to the memory of A15-102 that was lost in a crash in Afghanistan in 2011 This sheet comes highly recommended especially as there are enough decals for two complete aircraft. The sheets retail from AU$20 for the 1/72 to AU$40 for the 1/35 set. The decals can be ordered online at their ebay store which is located at: http://stores.ebay.com.au/roningraphicsaus?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 Historical information courtesy of ADF Serials: http://www.adf-gallery.com.au/
  15. That sounds interesting Zac. I didn't know that. Apparently more are up on Ebay if you missed out on the first round. Cheers Tony
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