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    Salt Mask Issue

    Thanks folks. I'll give it a shot!!!!
  2. ooshnoo

    Salt Mask Issue

    Hi fellas... after 6 months I'm finally ready to do some weathering, so I have a question about my first salt masking venture... Since i've never done it before I decided to practice on some older junked up planes with german rlm 75 as the base color. I painted, applied a few decals and then covered with Future. Once dry I used a spray bottle to soak the plane, but all the water beaded up and / or rolled off. Therefore I knew the salt from the grinder wasn't even going to look right even before I started. What did I do wrong here? Is it supposed to bead up? Am I supposed to soak it or
  3. Hey Fellas... I'm about to the salt masking technique for the first time and have a questions about the decals.. Do you do the salt mask AFTER applying the decals? If so, how do you keep the decals from changing color? Meaning..if you've got white German crosses on the wings, and you mask with shades of gray, how do you keep the white crosses from turning gray? Is it just that the salt mask is done with paint that is really thinned??? If you apply the deals after the salt mask, then what methods are best to weather the decals to they are weathered and there isn't such a stark contrast be
  4. Very nice ideas fellas. Thanks for the tips!!!
  5. Hello again... Looking to get feedback on what most people do to get a nice sun-faded effect on the wings of older prop planes, specifically from WWII. I've tried pre-shading the panel lines with black but that never seemed to come out right. I've also tried applying a lighter variant of the grays, greens and browns over the initial coat but again..can't seem to get the effect I'm looking for, at least not one that's realistic looking. Thoughts?? Thanks! AV
  6. Thanks for all the advice fellas!
  7. Thanks fellas, I'll give Future a try. Any recommendations on a final dull coat?
  8. Greetings... 1st time post here. After a 17 year hiatus I've starting building again...this time with an older Hasegawa Macchi MC205. One thing I was never sure of is what to do before the decals. I used to spray it with clear gloss, apply the decals, do the panel line washes and then apply a dull coat. My question is, given that I'm using Model Master acrylics what type of gloss do you recommend, how do you apply it...airbrush??? spray can???...what brand do you recommend? It was always my experience that applying the gloss coat made the whole thing darker, and I'd like to refrain from
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