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  1. Help needed, looking for decals from Hasegawa P-38J 459th FS kit. Would like to do the new Tamiya kit as Cpt William Duke's plane, but need the decals from this Hasegawa kit, just the nose markings as I have an Aeromaster sheet with the snakes. I can swap the new Tamiya Aces decals for this sheet if you have it and don't plan on using it.
  2. Does anyone have an extra Jake for a reasonable price? Or I can trade Fine Molds Japanese aircraft. US only as international shipping is too expensive now. Thanks Dave C
  3. Looking for Bong's decals, for his Olive drab/gray P-38 H, either from Aeromaster US Top guns set or Tally Ho! P-38 Lightning part III sheet. Not interested in doing his silver J. Will buy or trade, don't need the whole sheet but just his white 79 aircraft markings. thanks Dave davecww1@gmail.com
  4. Just wanted to add a photo of the 757-200 with decals for the Iron Maiden Ed Force One. Dave
  5. Thanks Dylan here's the photo I tried to post yesterday of the aircraft I'm modeling. Let me know if this looks correct, the #4 pitot tubes are on the nose of this one, not the tail. Also the drain looks to be under the back door on this one. Dave
  6. Here is the photo of the aircraft to compare the antennas to. Well it won't let me upload it, file size is too big? must be adding both of these pictures together even though it's 2 different posts? Dave
  7. One question for Dylan, who is an expert on the 757... do I have all of the antennas identified correctly on this photo? Should #2 be on both sides of the plane or only on the right side? Thanks Dave
  8. Thanks Dylan, that is perfect. Added that decal to the bottom of my fuselage. Since the bottom is white I will not worry about the gray decal or the cut here, they must have been painted over on the Iron Maiden aircraft as they are not visible in any of the photos I have seen. Dave
  9. Just picked up this kit over the weekend. Decent looking kit for the time that it came out, rotor and tail blades will definitely need thinning down the trailing edges. Looking at photos on the web, it should have a large louvered vent on the left side. Also the cockpit is very simplified, will need a lot if scratchbuilding to bring it up to modern standards. Also the canopy should be bulged out on both sides, not sure how to represent this without carving a new one and vacuform molding the windows.
  10. Thanks Dylan let me see if I can upload a picture from my phone. Sorry it's telling me the image size is too large will have to see if I can reduce the file size.
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