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  1. Has anybody got the Wolfpack Design set #32073 -F-4E/J Phantom II J79 Engine Nozzle set (for Tamiya 1/32). What about the dimensions? Kit parts seem to be a little bit smaller than the fitting point diameter. Thanking you in advance.
  2. Is anyone of the above, still availlable? Thanks in advance.
  3. The Tamiya blk52 Thunderbirds kit costs a fortune....if found....while the spare sprue with the NSI inlet parts has become also rare. A Zacto NSI inlet would be the super accessory for the Block 50 falcon owners who want a late blk -2 bird.
  4. I am looking for the 1/32 Tamiya Thunderbirds NSI intake parts, these are sprues P/Q (part#9116024). You'll get a very fast paypal payment (...including the shipment cost to sunny Greece!) Thanking you in advance
  5. Hi captain, unfortunatelly there are no grey stencils in 32nd. ICARUS produced them only in 48th scale.
  6. Awesome news John, can't wait for that one also!
  7. Jennings and Kurnass thank you for your answers, so I believe that I am safe with the Escapac, but was the rail system the same, at least at width? Also should I have to cover the 8 countermeasures dispencers? TIA for any help!
  8. Well, at least "505", sn 83-0054 F-15C, demostrates an Escapac seat on page 90 of Isradecal's F-15 Baz book.I believe that "840", an earlier built F-15C, sn 80-0129, should have the same seat. On page 86 of the same book, pilot Avner Naveh gets out of the cockpit of 840, then scorring 4 MIGs, "blocking" the seat from the photo lens.
  9. Hey everyone. I would like to make the Tamiya 1/32 F-15C, as IAF F-15C "840" of the Spearhead squadron, during the mid 80s when she was decorated with six kill markings. I was wondering if there is any photo showing the rails of the Escapac bang seat. Aires early 'pit is designed for the ACES seat that,I believe, has a different rail system. Finally, except the ejection seat and the feathered exhausts are there any other airframe details that should be "backdated", let's say the eight flares/chaffs dispensers? Any assistance is appreciated, thanks!
  10. You may look for Icarus Decals 1/48 MCDONNELL DOUGLAS F-4E RF-4E PHANTOM II WHITE STENCIL DATA, sheet no 48005. I'm sure that you will find them on EBAY.
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