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  1. I'm almost finished with the super hornet. I did switch to Model Master for the fuselage, I just wasn't able to mix the colors I had to get the right Grey. Although the Createx brand seems to be more of a craft paint, With primer, it seems to go on well. I've tried it on several scrap models I've picked up lately. I'm not totally unsatisfied with it and will continue to use it where I can for now. But I have added an assortment of Model Master colors. My plan is to acquire several of the other brands as I start my next projects Reveille's C17 and Academy's USS Kitty Hawk. Thank all of you for
  2. Hello again to all, So far the createx brand seems to be going on pretty good. My first paint job was a disaster. I found out what happens when you don't wash the parts before painting. After about 15 hours of dry time the paint just slid right off. The second round went on and stayed on with no problems. It was slightly darker than I had planed so I stripped it off and started my third round, this time I found some Model Master Paint locally and I guess the third times the charm because the paint job looks great. It looked so good it showed off every spot that I didn't fill enough or sand eno
  3. Thank you all for your advice. I'm not sure how this paint will do yet. I may just have to make do with it until its gone then try some of the suggested brands. As too my location the moon was a pretty close guess. I'm in eastern Oklahoma, a small town about 60 miles from the nearest decent Hobby Shop. I do most of my buying on-line but wanted something that i could get semi locally if I needed to. since this seems to be a brand that isn't commonly used I'll post my success and failures for all to use for future reference. Since I've ordered the decals for my old squadron I'd like to make it a
  4. Howdy all, Let me start by saying I'm new again to modeling. Its been many years. My son got me a nice Revell F/A-18 kit(I'm a NAVY guy and worked on them while I served) and it has sat for months because I was unfamiliar to painting (NOT SCARED)as my son put it. Recently he got me a snap together thing that resembles a F/A-18, I wont disgrace anyone by calling it a model, and declared that if I wasn't man enough to do a real model maybe I could tackle the snap together kind. So I went all in, built a nice work area, bought a compressor and airbrush along with all the tools of the trade accord
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