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    B-25 strafer noses

    Most if not all of the B-25s that were converted to strafers had paint on some or all of the clear nose panels. I'm wondering what might have been painted on Nasty Nancy on the Zotz sheet. I'm going to wander the 'net and see what I can find but I thought I would ask here first. I found the answer for Nasty Nancy. Clear panels were not painted over.
  2. Art Cross in his Belanger Special Using a resin detail set I got from a guy on the Open Wheel Racing Modeling Forum and decals from Indycals Almost ready for paint
  3. I've been getting them for months. It's an irritating phishing expedition tht I haven't been able to block.
  4. Too high for a good run, it looks more like a jetison and run for your life deal I will admit that it's pretty dramatic and a good presentation of the aircraft.
  5. My father and my father-in-law were both in England with the 8th AF so I would like to participate in this one.
  6. Good choice Dirk. I wish you well with the kit decals as I built one when the kit was new and the decals were some of the worst I've ever wrestled with. I hope you have better luck!
  7. Just a heads up.... I built this kit when it first came out, about 11 years ago. I had it out of the display case recently and found that the rubbery tires and the plastic wheels were reacting with each other. In my dim memory I believe that I had sprayed the wheels with glosscoat for decaling but I don't think I sprayed the actual rims where the tires sit. I would suggest some lacquer or acrylic should be sprayed all over the wheel rims before mounting the tires.
  8. Great choice of subject Dirk and the WIP is very informative too! A good friend in high school got a new GT in '68, (yeah I'm getting to be a geezer I guess). It was Guards blue with the white C-stripes and that thing was a torque monster.
  9. A squadron would sometimes end up with two aircraft with the same letter marking, in which case they would add a bar to the markings to differentiate between the two.
  10. Well that's already begun. It's obvious that they screwed up the PV-1 prop blades. It's gotta be true.... I read it on HS
  11. What? You need a new proctologist?!?
  12. Through 1965 the Ford Gt40s wore the American racing colors of white and blue. In 1966 Ford chose to paint their GT40s with their available factory colors as used on Ford assembly lines. The #2 at LeMans was black with silver stripes. Bruce McLaren painted a silver fern leaf and the letters N. Z. on the right front fender in honor of his home country of New Zealand. Dan Gurney's car at Sebring was Guards blue with white stripes and many people assume that was a LeMans scheme. There was a GT40 at LeMans in Guards blue and white stripes but it was the Andretti/Bianchi car....... Poor pics I know, I really need to reshoot these.
  13. I have some historic Indy cars and midgets trying to push themselves onto my bench....so I'm in.
  14. Working from my sometimes erratic memory....... Jodie Peeler; airliners and cars and a seminar presenter at the Atlanta Nats in '05 Mandie; aircraft builder from right here at ARC Shannon DiMaulo; terrific builder of street rods and hot rods Jackie Cheyenne; an excellent builder of factory stock cars, even though wheelchair bound Su Moran; able assistant to Allan Buttrick's Airfix building and now branching off into model railroad style structures Janet Hein; top quality modeler of almost anything and a regular attendee of midwest contests Danielle Lang; aircraft modeler from the antipodes and poster on HS and Aussiemodeler It's been my observation that women are very good at detail work and if they try this hobby and enjoy it they can become top modelers.
  15. DarylH

    B-25J question

    Great pic Steve of the larger carb scoop.
  16. I came back for a review since I have the new 1:32 Tamiya P-51D on preorder. In my perfect world the new kit would have been released with no panel lines where the lines were filled and a drawing on the instructions where to scribe them if the modeler would prefer to model the kit in post-war configuration.....oh well <_< I imagine that I'll be seeing a lot of polished wood grained floors and contrasting painted gun bay covers too, but I know how I'll be doing mine.
  17. ....and they did it! Can they win another? I don't know if I can hold my breath that long......
  18. I've received 3 emails so far that reference some fictitious response to an ARC topic. Many misspellings and a hotlink that looks like it has nothing to do with ARC have kept me deleting the messages whenever I see one. It's a bit annoying and potentially harmful so you guys watch out for these.
  19. I was stunned to win this $200 USD kit at the Atlanta Southern NNL a few years ago..... http://www.hlj.com/product/S27FR2419
  20. DarylH


    But that's easy peasy. Just paint the squiggle color first, then put a big pot of spaghetti on the stove and then boil 'til tender and slightly sticky...... :)
  21. I'm in. Good stuff Mark. Looking forward to it.
  22. I'm hopeful that I'll be left alone enough to finish a build so I'm in with a RCAF Hurricane Mk.XII
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