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  1. Hi all, First of all: A happy New Year and best wishes for a healthy and succesfull 2019 I'm searching for 1/72 decals for the Panavia Tornado GR1 in the colour scheme as shown on the includid picture Thanks for any help.
  2. In my, some monthes ago, purchased kit of the Academy 1/48 Hawker Hunter ( kit 2164) the decal sheet was missing. The local shopowner couldn't or wouldn't help met and mails send to the import company and Acedemy themselves are (allready some months) unanswered Can someone please help me. Thanks in advance. Best regards an a fine weekend. Peter
  3. Hi all, By sheer luck i had the chance of buying the Hasegawa 1/72 Tornado IDS (Kit K30), an P.P Aeroparts set ( AC 715) , an Airwaves set (AC 7203), and an Extradecal decalsheet (X 012-72) for 15,00 euro. That's about 17 or 18 US Dollars (i think) That's a bargain in my mind, isn't it? Now my question, does all these items go together or are there items that i have to discard Thanks for your suggestions
  4. Hi all, Where to find 1/72 decals for modern Japanese aircraft. The only one i remember are the 2 very old Microscale decals and the 2 also old Modeldecal Sheets Best regards peter
  5. Hello All Would like to build an F-104G in 1/48 scale. (Belgian Airforce version.) What is the best kit around. I know that Daco Decals (Danny Cooremans) has some supersets for correcting the Hasegawa kit, but is this realy the best kit around at the moment? Best regards and have a nice weekend Peter
  6. Here you are. Not completly finnished. Still some minor decals to do and the red lining of the landing gear doors, and the wingtip lights a.s.o. The decals are from Aero Master and of the kit itself. . Paints are mainly Humbrol and Tamiya . Hope you like it allready DSCN3629-2 by Peter Verlooy, on Flickr
  7. Hi all, Just almost finished building the magnificent kit of the KA-3B Skywarrior. in 1/72 I said almost, cause the inflight refueling probe, part J4 was allready broken in the box. I've tried to glue it again and again, but is stays a very fragile item. Is there a substitute in metal for this bird. I could not fine one on the web. Can you please advice or help me. Have a nice weekend Best regards Peter
  8. Hi all Am looking for Canadian F 104-G Starfigter decals for the bare metall version, as the decals in my recently purchased Hasegawa kit arebadly yellowed. Has someone these and will he sell this decal set? Best regards Peter
  9. Hi all, Purchased a decal set of Kit-World for the Bit O'Lace B 17G for the Hasegawa 1/72 kit What color yellow should i use for the tail etc. (is it dark yellow, light yellow or...) And if someone could help me: I am still looking for a (one) prop for this kit as this was missing from the box, and not Hasegawa, not the import company, nor the dealer or shop owner could help me. Thanks in advance and a happy Eastern Holliday Best regards Peter
  10. Hi all, What are the standard colours dor the F-104 g and S Starighters of the Italian Air Force. I Mean de light grey undersurface and dthe green and gray upper colours (if possible in Humbrol or FS numbers And is the anti glare pannel in front of the cockpit black (as stated on the Esci instructions ) or is is olive drab or dark green? Thanks for your help
  11. Thank you very much. The scalemates site was very helpfull Best reards Peter
  12. Recently bought the Academy kit for the 1/48 Hawker Hunter F-6 Kit number 2164 On opening the box i found that there is no construction sheet or decals Decal are no problem as i can order the very good Xtradecal sheet from Hannants, but can someone please send me a copy of the costruction sheet. (a copy by email will do) Thanks very much Best regards Peter
  13. HI alleycat The problem is solved. I purchased a set from Victory models. A local IPMS member told me that some shop here in Belgium had these in stock Regards Pete
  14. Hi all Since a long time i posses that magnificent PP Aeroparts set AC717 with the large detail set for the RAF Tornado F3 for the Hasegawa 1/72 kit After i purchased it fears ago on the local IPMS festival here in Hoboken (Antwerp-Belgium) and came home with it i found that de instruction sheets were missing from the set. Can someons help me wit a copy of thess instruction sheet as i never got an answer from PP Aeroparts, nor from Hannants Thanks very much Peter
  15. Hi all, Am looking for a 1/72 pitot tube for my 1/72 Tornado Preferably in metal as most injection moulded ones are not fine enough. Can someone please help?
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