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  1. Plastic cement will not work for resin. You'll need to use CA or epoxy. Washing resin is a must. I recommend washing it in Simple Green and warm water. Priming is also a must in my opinion. I always prime with Tamiya primer.
  2. Are there any companies that make seat belts in 1/48 for WWII aircraft? I'm looking for something other than the Eduard pre-painted PE seat belts.
  3. Looking for part E10 (cockpit floor) from any of the Tamiya 1/48 P-47 kits.
  4. Why not just use Gunze Aqueous clears? They work great.
  5. I'm yet to hear anyone getting replacement parts from Trumpeter. Good luck!
  6. What are the mixing ratios of Tamiya Clear and Tamiya Flat base to produce a satin finish and to produce a flat finish? I am not looking for the ratios of Tamiya Flat Base and Future.
  7. I beg to differ on the Bearcats. Rivets everywhere, the main landing gear are way too short, the engine exhaust are completely wrong for the -1 and probably for the -2 too, the cowl is wrongly shaped, and the NAS band in the -1 kit is yellow when it should be bright red.
  8. Is there any Trumpyboss kit where the errors are minimal?
  9. Can I build a Thunderbolt I for this? :D
  10. Very nice. I plan on building my C and E as Falck's birds.
  11. You're right. I was thinking of the wrong plane.
  12. The main difference between the A-1H and the A-1J is the engine and I doubt the kit contains both of them. If you want to build an accurate A-1J you'll probably have to find someone with the A-1J kit and trade parts with your A-1H kit.
  13. Are you prepared to judge the accuracy of everything from a Me 262 to an F-22?
  14. The media covering the death of someone from the media? That's completely absurd. Why would they do that?
  15. Not everyone builds for accuracy. You'd have to have duplicate categories of everything if one were to judge accuracy.
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